Handcrafted Quality with a Global Reach: Therapedic International Strikes the Right Balance

Handcrafted mattresses and innovative technologies. American sourcing and international distribution. High-end styling and mass consumer appeal. For more than 50 years, Therapedic International has had its finger on the pulse of the bedding marketplace—successfully striking the right balance to offer its retail partners the unique benefits of working with a small independent manufacturer with widespread global capabilities.

Since it first opened its doors in 1957, Therapedic has hand-crafted each one of its mattresses to ensure that only the finest materials go into its products. Over the years, this attention-to-detail has expanded to include the strategic development of the latest in patented bedding technologies. It is this longstanding dedication to both craftsmanship and innovation that has allowed Therapedic to grow from a local manufacturer to a worldwide corporation with over 50 licensees across six continents.

“While Therapedic is a large, international bedding company,” explains Therapedic President and CEO Gerry Borreggine, “we operate simply, without many layers of management, which puts us much closer to our customer—the retailer.”

Gerry and NormanThis unique business model is what sets the company apart from its competitors. Therapedic has established itself as an essential alternative to top name bedding brands by maintaining the management capabilities and quality control of a smaller, specialized brand—while also offering the reach and recognition of a global powerhouse. In the past five years alone, the company has significantly increased its brand awareness and distribution worldwide through strategic partnerships.

But a great business model is nothing without quality products to back it up—and Therapedic has cultivated a portfolio that offers a unique combination of high-end innovation and recognizable selling points. Thereapedic mattresses are designed with the retail space in mind, with today’s consumer serving as the company’s biggest source of inspiration. With comfort as its main priority, Therapedic has developed and patented a number of advanced mattress technologies to ensure that all of its products offer superior support, durability and feel. By incorporating these advanced features into hand-crafted mattresses, the company makes beds that truly stand out on the retail floor.

“Gel and visco memory foam remain attractive features to consumers, but, it’s comfort that resonates best with consumers,” Borreggine explains. “The school crossing guard, or the plumber in the market for a new mattress doesn’t care if it’s filled with chocolate pudding as long as it delivers a comfortable and good night’s sleep.”

Therapedic EcoGel2Body pain is one of the leading causes of sleep disturbances and research has shown that proper spinal alignment is essential to optimizing rest and recovery. As such, Therapedic developed its proprietary HourGlass support system, first featured in its popular BackSense Collection. This flexible support technology maintains spinal alignment with enhanced support in critical areas. By increasing firmness by 18% at the shoulders and hips and 13% at the lumbar area, this unique system keeps the body in a neutral position so that it can achieve restorative sleep. The HourGlass support zones are further enhanced in the BackSense collection by Therapedic’s patented reactive coils. As more weight is added to the individual coils, they respond with increased support. With an open spring design and a zoned configuration, the coils vary in density across the sleep surface to offer individualized support throughout the body.

Following the success of the BackSense line-up, Therapedic incorporated the HourGlass support to a number of new collections—including its environmentally-friendly EcoGel beds. This popular collection features a prepolymer-swirled gel foam compound—providing greater gel coverage to offer maximum body conformance, pressure relief and temperature regulation. With an open cell design, this foam wicks away moisture and increases airflow in order to increase oxygen exposure to the skin cells and improve blood flow. For the updated EcoGel2 line, Therapedic then fused the HourGlass system atop the layer of gel-swirled memory foam to create the first ever gel-on-gel foam mattress—keeping the mattress 30% cooler than any other foam bed on the market. By combining these two technologies, Therapedic equips retailers with a story that resonates with consumers: superior support and quantifiable temperature regulation.

“Hybrid mattresses are leading the specialty sleep category. It is clearly a concept that consumers understand; hybrids offer the best of the newest bedding technologies in one product. Our new models have it all—gel, latex and innerspring—and are perfect for the person who wants the best of everything,” said Borreggine. “Adding innerspring and latex makes our product unique and gives our retailers even more differentiation on showroom floors.”

It’s that careful balance that Therapedic aims to strike in developing all its new products: keeping things exciting and innovative in ways that will continue to resonate with consumers. “We like different and progressive product styling, but we have learned that we can’t be too different to stay successful,” says Borreggine. “We continue to ‘push the envelope’ in creative design and with new products.”

Therapedic Tommy Bahama roomTherapedic found that sweet spot earlier this year with the stylish new Tommy Bahama Home Collection. Following an exclusive license agreement, Therapedic worked closely with the iconic lifestyle brand to develop the collection that would quickly become the most successful launch in the company’s 58-year history. Comprised of nine island-inspired beds, this collection provides retailers with a wide range of high-end offerings including three innerspring, three hybrid and three top-of-the-line specialty options. Each model is made from high-quality materials sourced in the United States and features the company’s latest proprietary technology: the non-toxic and eco-friendly “Floating Foam” core. This exclusive support system offers increased airflow to mimic a relaxing floating sensation, and features a wrapped coil unit that includes an offset “floating” center to ensure more resilient and responsive support from shoulder to hip.

“Tommy Bahama is a brand we admired and felt had a strong future in the mattress category,” Borreggine explains. “About a year ago the corporate team assessed our current offerings and we felt that we needed to make a stronger statement at the upper-end of our offerings. We identified Tommy Bahama as a brand that could penetrate the higher-end market. In a short time we signed an exclusive license agreement with them to work as partners in the mattress category.”

Since its establishment in August 1992, the Tommy Bahama brand has defined relaxed, sophisticated style in men’s and women’s sportswear, swimwear, accessories, footwear and a complete home furnishings collection. In addition to more than 150 Tommy Bahama retail locations worldwide, its products are also sold online and at specialty retailer stores across the country. With burnished brass corner guards on the top models and decorative branded ribbon and linen-inspired corner guards throughout, the Tommy Bahama Home Collection evokes the same relaxed elegance for which the Tommy Bahama name is known.

Therapedic Tommy Bahama Gone Coastal PlushThe ubiquitous brand’s aesthetic is woven throughout the collection (in the model names, comfort feels, cover styling) to create a clear step-up program. The innerspring Gone Coastal, Pier Pressure and Shore Thing models feature a stretch knit top panel embellished with a mini palm tree design consistent with the island-inspired image of the brand. The collection’s three hybrid offerings—Pure Paradise, Bay Dreamer and Long Weekend— tout a lattice designed ticking inspired by the palm tree motif on Tommy Bahama’s ready-to-wear shirts. And finally, the top specialty foam models—Nevis, Barbados and Grand Cayman—feature zippered covers that incorporate a swaying palm frond design and the Tommy Bahama logo.

With a stylish look and built-in brand loyalty, this collection makes a valuable connection with a well-established consumer demographic—a benefit that is immediately passed on to the retailer. As a whole, this new collection feels like a culmination of Therapedic’s strategic thinking and innovation, offering advanced proprietary technologies, American-sourced components and high-end styling under the umbrella of an attention-grabbing branding story.

The future looks bright. With new partnerships recently finalized in Sri Lanka and Colombia, Therapedic continues to aggressively seek new international licensee partners moving forward. The company also plans to expand its exclusive offerings at Bed Bath & Beyond, working closely with the company to develop new top-of-bed products.

“Our biggest challenge is keeping it fresh, for everybody,” Borreggine says. “You need to have a passion for what you do if you are to keep the sparks flying and the excitement there, both in the work you do and the products you create. We aren’t short on passion at Therapedic.”

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