Diamond Mattress: A New Era

Pivotal. That’s the word on Diamond Mattress president Shaun Pennington’s mind these days as he and his sister, Breana Pennington, lead the 72-year-old company into its fourth generation as a family-owned and operated business. As company president, Pennington is the driving force propelling the legacy brand through a momentous period of transformation. At the winter Las Vegas Market, Diamond Mattress is launching its rebrand as a health and wellness company. This new branding includes the unveiling of completely revamped product lines, patented and exclusive technologies and an introductory assortment of sleep and wellness essentials.

Pennington began his tenure at his family’s company at an early age, but he was initially hesitant about assuming his current leadership role. “I started in this business at 12 years old, doing piece work in the factory, then loading trucks and working in the warehouse in high school,” he explains. “When I got to college, I was working with my dad and learning to sell. But it was definitely a transitional period for me where I began to ask How does this make me happy? and Is this what I want to do with my life?”

But after meeting with a mentor and reflecting on experiences he had backpacking through Southeast Asia after college, Pennington soon realized how fortunate he was to inherit such a platform. It was then that he began to see the vast and inspired opportunities that lay within the Diamond Mattress brand.

“It’s not about making more mattresses and selling more mattresses. This is the point at which we pivot from a mattress manufacturer to a health and wellness brand that enhances lives through sleep.”

—Shaun Pennington, president of Diamond Mattress

As part of its rebrand, Diamond will debut a wide range of product innovation and of-the-moment marketing strategies. Shifting its approach from merely a mattress producer to a purveyor of wellness, Diamond’s new core product line takes its name from the concept of the “Gift of Sleep.” The line includes four new mattresses: Grateful, Intention, Faith and Transformation, or G.I.F.T.

Diamond - Shaun Pennington 2Marketing-minded and spiritually grounded, Pennington weaves a meaningful story into each mattress while still remaining close to his manufacturing roots. He is keenly focused on product and driven to deliver the best value with features and benefits that consumers want and need.

The offerings are made with newly patented wrapped coils that are nested to give 25% more surface coverage and improved zoned support. This advanced comfort is further enhanced with gel memory foam and the proprietary Diamond Sparkle foam, in addition to fabric covers with heat-releasing properties.

In addition to a sleek new logo and modern website, Diamond’s rebrand will extend to its customers free nationwide shipping, white glove delivery, a 120-night sleep trial and a “Forever Warranty” because, as Pennington explains, “Diamonds are forever.”

As a growing mattress brand, Diamond takes its retail partnerships to a whole new level. The company not only develops unique and exclusive products for its retail partners, it invests heavily in the design and delivery of fun and novel ways for consumers and staff to engage in the selling process. Tactile and visual in-store demonstrations make the selling process clear and easy to understand.  “We have technologies that are very demonstrable, very applicable and we can create engaging, fun demos,” explains Pennington.

“When you create a fun retail experience, that helps consumers and retailers better understand what they’re buying and enjoy the process of buying and selling.” 

—Shaun Pennington, president of Diamond Mattress

The company finds ongoing success helping retailers fill inventory gaps and achieve higher margins through a wide range of bedding products. But after decades of excelling in the private label category, Pennington believes Diamond’s new message that people can more fully enjoy the “gift of life” when they are rested and attending to their personal wellness will connect with today’s consumers and retailers.

“You can see it everywhere in the market,” he says. “The major brands have had their time in the sun, and more upstart challengers are getting their time in the sun now. The markets are changing quickly. When there’s a period of disruption in a market, it’s always a good time to innovate and be proactive.”

Ultimately, Pennington attributes the company’s level of innovation to the fact that Diamond manufactures all of its product components—including producing the coils, cutting foams and cutting and sewing the fabrics—on its own equipment. “Having all of these things in-house gives us the ability to be flexible,” he explains. “It lets us be a lot more responsive to our customers; it lets us be more accountable to our own production. It also lets us innovate. We have more flexibility in the product design and development that we’re doing.”

Diamond Mattress - family

This manufacturing flexibility not only spurs innovation, it ensures greater quality control. Diamond identifies and addresses potential issues more quickly than companies who rely on a longer supply chain. At the same time, in-house manufacturing also helps keep costs down and safeguards the company against much of the uncertainty surrounding component suppliers right now.

While Pennington is excited about moving the company forward, he’s been careful about preserving its long history as well. “We don’t want to neglect what got us here,” he says. “That’s why we’re not letting go of the other alternative strategies of OEM. In fact, we’re enhancing our OEM capabilities, we’re enhancing our other capabilities even with the independent retail markets that we have now.”

In addition to the new products, Diamond is also rolling out a wellness-based program to further support its new brand platform. This includes an online training system called Diamond University, which focuses on helping RSA’s understand the importance of sleep and what Diamond sees as the foundation of wellness through its B.E.D.S Framework. B.E.D.S. stands for Breathe, Exercise, Diet and Sleep, which Pennington identifies as the “four keys to wellness.” The program features video series and online courses that are designed to help RSAs provide educational and actionable value to their customers.

“We need to educate people on a deeper level so they can really engage with consumers. When you can deliver greater value with information that is personally relevant and valuable, all of a sudden you have something really powerful.”

—Shaun Pennington, president of Diamond Mattress

“We work with each retailer independently to figure out what their needs are and then we build solutions around that,” he continues. “We help them with Point-Of-Sale, we create their Experience Centers, we help them with all the demos. You can have a great product, but it doesn’t matter how great your product is if it doesn’t sell. I want to give retailers good margins, but they also need to be able to sell the product. All the retail support that we provide, that’s what makes the units turn.”

Bolstering its products through thoughtful in-store programs has always been a key pillar of the Diamond brand. But, more broadly, the company has defined itself over the years through a dedicated list of five core principles. “When you look at the purpose of the company, the foundation is our ICARE core values,” Pennington explains. “ICARE stands for Integrity, Customer Service, Accountability, Responsiveness and Engagement. That’s the base of the pyramid; upon which we define our vision and our purpose. For us, that’s at the heart of everything we do.”

Diamond - Shaun Pennington 1

In order to meet and maintain these standards, the company regularly evaluates itself. “How do you service the customer better? How do you provide better quality service and better-quality products? How do you engage people and inspire them more? How do you engage the RSAs? How do you get them excited about something?” From comprehensive training to motivational speeches and tactile demonstrations, Diamond is excited to promote its meaningful new evolution—one that thoughtfully brings its retail partners with it.

“Whatever the solution is that the retailer is looking for, we have that—but we also have a lot more behind it,” Pennington explains. “The value that we’re bringing to a retailer is when they’re ready and interested, we have much more to give. Engaging with Diamond means engaging with a culture and a company that can help your whole organization be better.”


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