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South Bay is Leading the Private Labeling Segment with Meaningful Features and Superior Customer Service

First introduced in 1993 as an equipment manufacturer, South Bay International has steadily evolved over the years to establish itself as a truly unique asset within the bedding industry. With more than a decade of expertise under its belt, the company has solidified a long-standing commitment to developing meaningful sleep solutions—and strong relationships with both consumers and retailers.

Founded by Peter Tarquinion and Bob Dupre, South Bay made a name for itself by developing 100% pure visco memory foam components and advanced sleep solutions for retailers and manufacturers alike. With its own 700,000 square foot foam factory located in Jiaxing, China, South Bay has been able to continually ensure superior communication and quality control—especially when compared with many other brands working with foreign facilities. By starting with the raw material and overseeing every step of the supply chain, South Bay not only guarantees a 100% pure visco mattress but also reduces its manufacturing costs—a benefit that it has always passed on to its retail partners and their customers.

In recent years, the company has shifted its focus beyond OEM. Since 2008, South Bay has been expanding its business model to include private labeling and e-commerce. Following the retirement of Tarquinion and Dupre in 2014, this segment of the business has since moved to the forefront of the company.

Today South Bay is a leader in private labeling for both brick-and-mortar and e-commerce retailers. Armed with a history of successful relationships, South Bay boasts both the tools and the expertise to help retailers grow their brand, whether in-store or online.

“Our focus is on customer service, product innovation, and finding solutions for retailers who are struggling with e-commerce,” explains CEO Daniella Serven.

South Bay’s expertise comes from these three pieces working together concurrently. The first key to successful customer service, Serven explains, is a solid product. With numerous quality control practices and third party laboratory tests in place, the company first ensures that all of its foams are 100% of the highest quality. These stringent regulations guarantee that the visco-memory foam produced does not include any fillers, which can decrease the life of the mattress. With high quality components as the basis, South Bay can then work closely with its partners to develop truly unique bedding—and distinct private labeling—to solve any retailer need.

From air-channel vented base foam to charcoal-infused pillows to advanced adjustable bases, South Bay utilizes unique materials and technologies to create meaningful products and features. It’s about more than simply featuring the latest trends, but integrating them in ways that will ultimately drive sales.

“We create value-oriented products,” explains Greg Brent, National Sales and Marketing Manager, “with the features and benefits the customers are looking for.”

South Bay has developed a wide range of innovative bedding technologies and features that offer retailers and consumers distinct benefits—all of which are also incorporated into the company’s Blissful Nights branded mattresses and pillows. Made from premium, high-density HR poly foam, the company’s patented “Wedge” technology extends the sleep surface by 20% by providing additional support to the outer edge of the mattress—ultimately reinforcing its structural integrity to increase the longevity of the bed. With one-inch grooves that run horizontally and vertically throughout the base of the mattress, the proprietary Air Channel Base offers enhanced airflow and mimics the feel of individual springs for advanced conforming comfort. Rounding out its portfolio with advanced bedding accessories, the Blissful Night Black Diamond Collection features pillows infused with bamboo charcoal. When incorporating this unique material into visco elastic memory foam, it works to successfully absorb unpleasant odors, including the traditional “new foam” smell—which leads to a reduced number of returns.

One of the fastest-growing segments of the South Bay portfolio is its adjustable bed and mattress combos. Adjustable bases continue to increase in popularity across price points. For a growing number of consumer demographics, adjustable beds offer a personalized sleep environment—allowing sleepers to not only customize their sleep position, but the ways they prepare for sleep as well.

“It’s a way of life,” Serven explains. “Adjustable beds are a total sleep solution, an overall sleep system. We think about adjustable bases and mattresses as a unit, focusing on how they work together in order to get the best out of both.”

For retailers, adjustable beds offer a great opportunity to increase their attachment rates—and South Bay provides them with bases that are designed to drive sales. By striving for meaningful features, South Bay avoids superfluous bells and whistles—keeping the price right and the design straightforward. This allows retailers to reach a wider range of customer demographics, in addition to simplifying the delivery, set-up and trouble-shooting processes.

South Bay truly differentiates itself from its competitors by offering exceptional customer service—bolstering high quality products with expert white-glove delivery and post-sale support. With five warehousing facilities in North America, each carrying three months rolling inventory, South Bay ensures that all of its products are available to be shipped on time, when the retailer needs them. The company works closely with an outside vendor to instill a sense of confidence in the delivery process. With expert white-glove delivery capabilities, South Bay can assure that the consumer not only receives their products on time, but also truly understands its features. This is important for many e-commerce stores or big-box retailers with a limited number of RSAs.

After the sale has been made and the mattress delivered, South Bay also takes care of any customer service requests surrounding its products. All inquiries are routed directly to South Bay, where highly trained operators will walk the customer through any questions or issues that they may have encountered.

These sort of close relationships are important to the company’s business philosophy. Whether working with a big-box, independent or e-commerce retailer, the level of customer service South Bay provides stays constant—even as the company tailors the product and branding to each partnership. In addition to supplying retailers with personalized mattress collections, South Bay also manages all in-store marketing—providing them with messaging and materials designed exclusively for that store. With South Bay, there’s no fear of crossover with the competitor down the street.

Boasting more than a decade of expertise in the mattress-making industry, South Bay has the tools and the bandwidth to help retailers further expand their own brands. For those looking to develop or strengthen their online presence, the company can serve as a marketing and R&D consultant. By devoting its services to helping retailers grow an e-commerce segment that is distinctly their own, South Bay helps retailers reach new customers.

Looking toward the future, South Bay has no plans of slowing down any time soon. “The future is going to always include looking for the next meaningful feature in specialty bedding,” Serven explains. For retailers looking for a product or collection that’s ready to be sold immediately, South Bay offers a new product with the POP, retailer support and dedicated customer service for the consumer.

As an e-commerce and drop-ship expert, though, South Bay is always searching to leverage its own successes and extend its services to budding retail brands. This includes devoting itself to helping those retailers who are struggling with e-commerce—in addition to its own continued product innovation. Retailers looking to add their own line of mattresses can confidently turn to South Bay’s expertise as a marker for success.

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