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The Risks Of Bingewatching

With so many streaming apps that allow you to binge-watch whole tv show seasons in one sitting available, indulging in a multi-hour screen-fest is all too easy. Of course, it’s no surprise that this type of activity isn’t great for you. But this study published in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine indicates that...

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Balancing The Food & Sleep Equation

We’ve all been there: a heavy dinner or impromptu decadent late night snack and the ensuing difficulty in getting to sleep. Or that rough night’s sleep followed by the insatiable craving for donuts. Or chips-pizza-and-burgers. But what we sometimes fail to understand is that sleep and food are two sides of the same equation: each...
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What’s Your Sleep Chronotype?

At least once in your life you have probably been asked to classify yourself as either an early bird – thriving on the first light of morning and getting more stuff done before many people even roll out of bed, or a night owl – staying up until the wee hours, preferring to get your...
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