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Sleep Wellness While Under Stress

While some people deal with insomnia all the time, many especially struggle with being able to fall asleep when they are going through an especially stressful period. Whether you have a documented anxiety disorder or simply a lot on your mind, it can be endlessly challenging to relax and power down your brain....

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What Naps Can Teach You About Your Nightly Sleep Habits 

Generally speaking, napping is often viewed as an activity reserved for the very old or very young—but many adults regularly also reap the benefits of an afternoon power nap. That said, if you’ve ever brought up the idea in conversation with a group of people then you know that naps can be a...

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Celebrate Baby Sleep Day On March 1st

Sleep is always at the forefront of a parent's mind – whether new or seasoned – and can make or break a family's night and day. On March 1, 2020, the Pediatric Sleep Council (PSC), a team of international pediatric sleep experts, will celebrate Baby Sleep Day for the fourth consecutive year. Around the clock on Baby...
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Sleep Disorders & Mental Health

How Connections Between The Two Impact Treatment

There’s a strong connection between mental health and sleep disorders, but it’s hard to tell what comes first—do mental health issues negatively impact sleep or does sleep contribute to issues with mental and emotional wellness? How pervasive is the connection? In this article, we sought to look...

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