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Q&A: Predictions for 2017

The bedding industry has made major technological strides over the past few years: today’s mattresses and accessories are smarter and better engineered than ever before. Looking out on the manufacturing landscape, the level of innovation may seem boundless. But ingenuity is most beneficial when it truly connects with customers—whether it provides key solutions or...

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Q&A: The In-Store Mattress Shopping Experience

The ongoing growth of the online-only, direct-to-consumer market segment has done more than simply “disrupt” the bedding industry; it has shed light on some issues that have been lingering for years. For many busy shoppers, the process of rest-testing can feel arduous—especially when they’re faced with a showroom full of options and a limited...

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Q&A: The Boxed Bed Trend

With every passing month, the bed-in-a-box craze seems to be growing more ubiquitous. These new boxed offerings require manufacturers and retailers to rethink a number of different aspects of the full sales process: from product technology to digital marketing channels to delivery options and price points. But will this...
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Q&A: 2016 Predictions

With new advanced technologies and digital platforms now available, mattress buyers have more choice than ever before. Given that the bedding marketplace is changing so rapidly, we’re curious about where you think the industry is headed this year. From the big consumer trends to the new retail sales challenges...
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