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The Adjustable Power Base Opportunity 

Adjustable bases are more than just an accessory; they are a powerful tool for enhancing sleep quality. In this episode, we welcome Lisa Tan of Reverie back to the podcast to talk about building unique and customized power base programs for today's marketplace. From the value of creating a full sleep...
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Episode 18: Retailer Web Services

A Brief Introduction To Artificial Intelligence

Is Artificial Intelligence the future of retail? Many experts believe so. In this episode of the Sleep Retailer Podcast, Jennie Gilbert, COO of Retailer Web Services, joins us for a deep dive into the world of AI. Chatting with Elaina Hundley, Gilbert explains what exactly AI is - and offers a...
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Episode 17: 2020 Predictions

What's In Store For The Bedding Industry In 2020?

With New Years just around the corner, we’re already looking ahead to 2020. And if the past decade is any indication - this year should be full of new ideas and interesting challenges. From the ongoing impact of new trade negotiations to the never-ending puzzle that is...
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Episode 16: Suite Sleep

Creating Sustainable Solutions For Unique Spaces

Angela Owens, the official “Sleep Diva” at Suite Sleep, joins us to chat about her company’s distinct approach to the hospitality market. She talks with Chris Schriever about breaking the rules of the category, how to develop new products for specific demographics and why sustainability is the...
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