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Jersey Shore Produces Performance-Tested, “Green” Angle Steel

Pennsylvania based, Jersey Shore Steel, produces extremely strong –high tensile and high yield strength – performance-tested and truly "green" steel manufacturers can use to build stronger, more environmentally-friendly bed frames. The company produces angle steel made of high-carbon, recycled railroad T-rail. Read more

Highlights from High Point Market

While not necessarily a focused bedding market, we returned to Washington excited by the High Point market. From redesigned pop displays, adjustable bases, pillows and gel mattresses to improved warranty programs, below are highlights from market. Gold Bond’s redesigned Premier collection offers quality, 2-sided inner spring coil bases at...
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Blending Science & Comfort for an Innovative Night’s Sleep

Restless sleep, lack of support, and “sleeping hot” are all common problems for shoppers. While some manufacturers boast better sleep solutions through different materials; placement; and mattresses—with little description as to where the products and materials originate—it begs the question “How?” South Bay International has an answer. With a key...
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Use of Celliant Technology Increases in Bedding Industry

Celliant, an ever-popular and unique material used in both mattress and top of bed products, is gaining attention as a textile technology that benefits a sleeper’s health and well-being. The material starts as yarn composed of 13 optically responsive minerals that modifies visible and infrared light and then recycles it into energy the body can...
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