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Magniflex Unveils ‘Gino’ Designed Website

As Italian mattress manufacturer Magniflex prepares for the launch of its new GiNO brand designed to target millennials, the company has unveiled a fun, hip website established to entice consumers to engage with the brand early and to drive foot traffic into retail stores. The website, located at Read more

MLILY USA Relaunches Its Website

With consumers increasingly showing a preference for spending more time researching sleep product purchases online, MLILY USA recently launched its new website. Serving as a more comprehensive platform, the new site offers an improved store locator, sleep tip section and customer review area.

“With consumers changing their shopping habits and...

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Reverie On Why Ecommerce Isn’t A Dirty Word

Why Offering Ecommerce Is Essential To Growing Your Business—And How To Do It Right

The bedding and mattress retail industry has long utilized a specific sales formula: shopper comes into a mattress store, the RSA gets to know the shopper by asking questions and then shows them a variety of products that meet...

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