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Sleep Is Still A Priority For Many Consumers

Why a greater focus on health and wellness is creating valuable opportunities for mattress sellers

Sales for mattresses, sleep accessories and bedroom furniture hit record highs during the pandemic as many consumers looked to invest in both their health and their homes. But as more states start to fully re-open, the question on everyone’s...

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The Enduring Value Of Brick-And-Mortar Retail

What is the future of mattress retail? Will it be in-store or online? While the pandemic initially revealed how essential it was to have a nimble ecommerce program in place—it is becoming increasingly clear just how important brick-and-mortar continues to be at this stage. Whether through stand-alone showroom spaces or traditional retail partnerships, more...

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Little Big Town To Perform At PrimeTime

With just two months until PrimeTime returns for its first face-to-face session since early 2020, Nationwide Marketing Group recently announced that GRAMMY Award-winning country group Little Big Town will perform as part of the event’s festivities.

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