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McRoskey Sees Increase in Adjustable Bed Sales

Leading San Francisco mattress retailer, McRoskey Mattress Company is seeing growing popularity with adjustable bed sales among consumers of all ages. The company refers to the adjustable bed as a lifestyle bed – the articulating, moveable bed, allows a person and his/her bedmate to recline comfortably, together or solo, with the touch of a button. Read more

BEDROOM Magazine’s Topper Review

As toppers continue to gain popularity, manufacturers are upping the ante using the same enhanced technologies used to make mattresses. Today’s mattress toppers allow retailers to provide customers with a customized sleep solution tailored to their individual needs. Be it a separate purchase, or an add-on, toppers allow retailers the opportunity to increase overall sales. BluSleep Mallow...
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Contour Adjustable Bed is now Easy Rest Adjustable Sleep Systems

The Contour Adjustable Bed Company is now Easy Rest Adjustable Sleep Systems, which it reports better represents the company’s promise and commitment to its customers. “We have changed our name to Easy Rest Adjustable Sleep Systems to better reflect what it is we deliver to our customers with our products and our responsive service – an...
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