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Malouf Launches New Adjustable Base App Video

Malouf recently released a navigation video that shows off the new modern interface and latest tech advancements for the Malouf Base App. Produced by Malouf video team, the navigation video explains how to successfully connect a mobile device with a Malouf adjustable bed base via Bluetooth. Following the setup process, the video shows...
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CKI Solutions Launches An Adjustable Pillow

Bedding accessories company, CKI Solutions, recently expanded its line with an adjustable pillow called the ComforZip, which offers three comfort levels in just one pillow. Since the pillow market for consumers can be quite overwhelming, CKI sought to simplify the pillow selection process for everyone. By eliminating the need to remove excess fill...
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Airflow Sleep Prepares To Launch ZO2 Sleep Solutions

With a focus on improving breathing during sleep, Airflow Sleep combines clinically proven medical techniques, sleep technologies and personal advocacy and coaching to enhance sleep quality and correct bad habits that negatively affect sleep. Currently, the company is preparing to launch its ZO2 Sleep System for the consumer market. Each system contains a physician-designed, patented...
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Coddle Expands Responsive Furniture Line With Pixel Platform Bed

Coddle, a start-up pioneering responsive living by unifying design, comfort and technology, is expanding its portfolio of smart furniture products with the launch of its  Pixel Platform Bed.

The Pixel Platform Bed, a modern upholstered bed frame, complete with carefully crafted, spill-resistant fabric and thoughtfully added power and USB outlets...

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