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Talalay Global Launches Website For Juvea Latex Pillow Line

Following a successful beta test of its newly designed “Juvea” line, Talalay Global—a North American producer of the premium latex process—launched a direct-to-consumer website for direct sales. The site,, not only accepts orders from consumers, but also is home to a wealth of information about sleep and the importance of having...
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Are CBD Products Right For Your Store?

As CBD makes its rounds in the world of wellness products and being specifically touted as a sleep aid, you might be wondering — what is it? Does it make sense for my store? CBD is often linked to sleep and relaxation in the conversation around wellness and self care. No brainer for...
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Corsicana To Launch Mattress Toppers With Micro-Coils

Leveraging its strength in domestically produced bedding priced under $1,000, Corsicana Mattress will unveil a line of mattress toppers that hit the very aggressive $129 retail price point in queen. The toppers feature an innovative micro-coil system that is being used in this mattress topper for the first time. The two-sided toppers are...
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