XSENSOR Introduces “Reveal”

Pressure mapping innovator, XSENSOR, has upped the ante again with its latest release. REVEAL™ is a ground-breaking mattress technology changing the retail mattress shopping experience and improving mattress selection for people around the world. Created specifically for the retail mattress market, REVEAL uses a highly accurate pressure imaging system to display a dynamic, high resolution body pressure image to assist with mattress recommendations.

Systems are available in wireless and wired versions and include 1600 sensors to ensure accurate pressure mapping. REVEAL is built for maximum flexibility and durability for all mattress retail environments.

XSENSOR offers a simple three-step process, helping retail sales associates (RSAs) guide customers through the REVEAL experience. The technology builds consumer trust with its unbiased and personalized selling approach. REVEAL educates consumers on the proper mattress conformity and support to relieve pressure points. As a result, customers feel more confident they found the right mattress for their body’s pressures (ComfortMap ) resulting in:

- higher closing rates,

- higher average selling prices, and

- fewer returns.

XSENSOR retailers report the system helps attract consumer traffic as previous customers tell friends and family about their pressure mapping experience.

Visit www.xsensor.com.