Vystar Introduces Vytex Cloud Plush Pillow Collection

Vystar Corporation recently launched a new pillow line, the Vytex Cloud Super-Soft Plush Collection of natural latex pillows that come in four sizes and deliver two levels of support.

“You’re going to love the new Vytex Cloud pillows for life,” stated Steve Rotman, CEO of Vystar. “You’ll sleep better on the heavenly delight of super- and ultra-soft eco-friendly latex whose light, natural breathability and resilience provide cool, supportive comfort for years.  A better sleep means more energy for life.”

While pillow experts recommend replacing your pillows every year due to loss of resilience and contamination from sweat, bacteria, and dust mites that other pillow materials harbor, Vytex latex foam is naturally anti-microbial, odor free, and repels dust mites.  Because Vytex latex is deproteinized to remove allergy and odor causing proteins and impurities, it is virtually allergy free and naturally whiter. Vystar’s patented technology gives the Vytex Cloud pillows a stronger latex bond that means Vytex foam retains its elasticity long-term.  While Vytex Cloud pillows are meant to last for years, they are also completely biodegradable.

Consumers have a choice of super soft 45 density or ultra-soft 55 density for the ultimate personal comfort.  Vytex Cloud Pillows have an organic cotton zip-close cover for natural airflow.  Vytex Collection Cloud Pillows are now available on Amazon in super soft and medium firmness for standard, queen, king and body sizes.

Vytex is vastly different from traditional latex. Rubber sap that is tapped from the tree contains less than 40% actual rubber content, with the rest comprised of impurities (proteins, carotenoids, etc.) and waste products from the tree. Vystar’s multi-patented process removes virtually all the allergenic latex proteins and other waste to create a stronger, purer, naturally fresh smelling foam with the added advantage of years of buoyancy. Vytex has natural anti-microbial properties without the dangerous off-gassing and relatively short usable life of petrochemical laden memory foams and polyurethane foams.

Visit vytex.com and vystarcorp.com

About Vytex: Vytex raw material is currently used in multiple mattress lines, toppers, industrial adhesives, apparel padding, shoes, sports equipment and electrical gloves.  Vystar continues development of new Vytex formulations and products and is seeking additional manufacturing and development partners for numerous products including exam gloves, condoms, clothing, medical supplies, household products, sports equipment, shoes/sneakers, and industrial products.