BEDROOM Magazine’s Topper Review

As toppers continue to gain popularity, manufacturers are upping the ante using the same enhanced technologies used to make mattresses. Today’s mattress toppers allow retailers to provide customers with a customized sleep solution tailored to their individual needs. Be it a separate purchase, or an add-on, toppers allow retailers the opportunity to increase overall sales.


Mallow Aquagel Topper—The high technology Italian water based foamed gel is virtually undeformable due to its high elasticity and resiliency. The plush and luxurious foam topper provides contouring and support for the body and is highly breathable, water expanded and enriched with mallow extract.

Aloe Vera Air Flow Topper—Memorizing the contours of the sleeper and reacting to pressure changes, the topper distributes weight evenly, raising the level of comfort. With aloe vera blended in for natural healing and soothing properties, the topper has a faster reaction time and offers a luxurious plushness.

Aquafoam Topper—The high density, quick recovery memory foam adapts to body shape, supporting and providing pressure point relief. Water expanded and biodegradable, the toppers have ventiliation holes to provide added air circulation.

Boyd Specialty Sleep

Boyd Specialty Sleep Mattress TopperGel Rest Toppers—The trio of Gel Rest Toppers made with the company’s new gel-infused memory foam called Micro-Tec, combine the Micro Tec Gel-infused memory foam—which provides body conformance and comfort—with a high density foam layer for durable support. Available in two-, three- and four-inch toppers.

Natural Flex Toppers—Using both 100 percent Dunlop latex and Dunlop/Talalay latex combinations, the three- and four-inch mattress toppers feature a bamboo-based rayon fabric and a cream-colored “teddy bear” velour cover, respectively. The two-inch version is an all-Dunlop latex layer covered in a white cotton-poly blend fabric.

E.S. Kluft/Aireloom

A3 Series—The european inspired with its three-tiered design includes the ComfortTop layer that rests atop the standard mattress and box spring. An extension of the mattress, the ComfortTop offers further comfort and the ability for partners to customize their mattress to their individualized comfort solutions.


Gel Comfort Topper—Made with a three-inch layer of the company’s high density, ultra soft gel infused memory foam, JGel. Jamison’s Gel Comfort Topper is specially ventilated to provide a supportive, yet cooling, sleep surface. Available in Twin XL, queen and king sizes the topper has a circular knit cover in white with shades of blue that match Gel Comfort’s brand colors. The topper will be featured items in their upcoming Gel Comfort Summer Promotion in July and August.

Pure Talalay Bliss

Natural Talalay Latex—Available in two and three-inch profiles, the Natural Talalay Latex offers the quality and benefits of the company's all latex mattresses to consumers as add-ons to their current mattresses.

Fast Response Talalay Latex—With ActionFUSION climate control, the talalay latex topper includes phase changing latex and gel infused phase changing yarns in the cover to offer sleepers fast response at the top of the bed. Available in both 2- and 3-inch toppers.

Slow Response Talalay Latex—Offering a similar feeling to memory foam, the topper includes Active FUSION climate control, phase changing latex with the gel infused phase changing yarns woven into the covers of the topper. This topper brings the unique properities of gel to the forefront while remaining true to the latex core.

Sleep & Beyond

Organic Merino Wool Topper—The topper offers sleepers a natural alternative that balances the sleeper's temperature throughout the seasons and is hypoallergenic. At 1.5-inches thick, the topper provides balanced and resilient body support during sleep and wicks away moisture.

Washable Wool Topper—Combining the benefits of wool and cotton with the ease of a washable topper, Sleep & Beyond offers consumers a healthy, easy add-on for their mattresses.

Sleep Innovations

Sleep Innovations Mattress TopperGel-Memory Foam Topper—With its advanced two layer construction, the reversible mattress topper is a combination of gel-infused memory foam and textured LuratexTM foam that delivers the ideal balance of sleep temperature, support, and cushioning. Its cooler, breathable comfort minimizes motion, offers pressure point relief and extends mattress life.

Suite Sleep

Latex/Wool Topper—Creating a "cloud-like" feeling when added to any latex mattress, the plush topper combines the natural benefits of wool and latex, changing the sleep experience, regulating body temperature and providing added support. A 100% layer of Dunlap latex core, wrapped with 2.5-inches of domestic, Eco wool, the topper is then covered in the company's Organic Knit floral Cotton.


Luxury Quilted Memory Foam Topper—The dual layered mattress foam topper features pressure relieving space age memory foam support and alleviates motion transfer. Its comfort enhancing design has 1/2 inch of memory foam outer layer and 2.5 inch memory foam inner layer. The European styled quilted damask cover with anti-stain application offers increased comfort and durability.