The SSA Spotlights 30 Innovative Bedding Manufacturers at Las Vegas Market

With more than 30 different mattress, bedding and home furnishings manufacturers and retailers exhibiting within its showroom at the summer Las Vegas Market, the Specialty Sleep Association is once again a magnet for retail store and e-commerce buyers. This summer, a number of new companies will join returning exhibitors—many of whom have taken larger spaces to offer more product displays and demonstrations to buyers.

“There is always something new, something different to draw in the buyers,” said Tambra Jones, SSA Executive Director. “This market presents an extensive cross section of all types of innovations and technologies from various mattresses, support systems, heating and cooling technologies as well as furniture, top-of-bed and foundation or under-the-bed accessories. There is always something new, unique, cutting-edge and different in our showroom.”

The following manufacturers will be exhibiting in the SSA Showroom:

Allassea Sleep Systems will be introducing the company’s new Triple Threat Mattress shield, a mattress encasement that kills bed bugs, dust mites, mosquitoes, within 24 hours of contact. This patent-pending, hypo-allergenic, nano-net technology is unlike other shields on the market because it kills pests while it is safe for people and pets.

Bio Sleep Concept Inc. focuses on natural and organic latex mattresses, futons and latex toppers, as well as feather and down, organic cotton and wool pillows. At market, the company will feature its exclusively licensed “Downia” feather and down products. Downia is a century old company that focuses on best quality products that are certified by the New Zealand asthma foundation.

Contour Products Inc. is celebrating its 25th year of being an innovative leader in the specialty sleep industry by exhibiting in the SSA showroom for the first time, where it will showcase its top-of-bed cervical, orthopedic, side/back sleep, cooling, leg pillow and bed wedges. The company manufactures a variety of pillows, wedges, seat solutions and CPAP accessories that help to comfort, support and properly align the body for overall comfort and improved well-being. An emphasis on posture, ergonomics and support is what separates Contour Products from the competition—along with its committed belief that being comfortable is not just an indulgence, rather it is a necessity to obtaining quality sleep and for maintaining good health.

Danican is expanding on its highly successful container program by adding a wider and deeper product assortment. This fast-growing Superior-Quality Scandinavian Bedding Products company offers a wide range of mattresses, mattress toppers, pillows, pillow protectors, mattress protectors, cooling pillow cases and cooling sheets. At the summer market, Danican will unveil new adjustable bed frames, as well as new types of mattresses, pillows and duvets.

East Grace Corporation of China will be showing their full line of mattresses including innerspring, latex and foam mattresses with cotton covers.

ERGO Beds International will feature mattresses and sleep ensembles with “Ergonomic Technology” designed to conform the mattress and the bed base to the human form. The specially designed mattress can be adjusted to align the sleeper for a better night’s sleep.

Grün Komfort is returning to the SSA showroom with its premium line-up of organic and natural products. The company’s certified organic bedding provides a healthy and natural sleep experience for a wide range of consumers, offering latex mattresses, coconut mattresses, luxury duvets, pillows and even a full baby and teen line with accessories.

Innerspace Luxury Products, marketers of compression-rolled Certi-PUR memory foam and polyurethane mattresses, will be expanding its line by introducing new tables. These tables are a high quality low retail price point design.

Noctova Sleep has a comprehensive product line-up that includes gel memory foam and youth collection mattresses, gel memory foam and latex pillows, adjustable bed bases and Noctova Cool cooling protectors. At the summer market, the company will be featuring its “Deluxe Model” adjustable bed base with massage features and a wireless remote.

REMarkable Pillow by TMI will be expanding upon its line-up of American-made memory foam covers, which feature high performance covers made from bamboo, Tencel, Cool Gel, mica crystal and cashmere, with the introduction of its new patented Body Pillow in the SSA Showroom. Unlike other body pillows, this new product has two separate cavities—designed to give full support to your head as well as your lower back. Even the shape has been carefully designed for body shapes of all sizes including pregnant women.

Sleep & Beyond, a third generation family owned manufacturer of organic and natural bedding, will be featuring its new myWoolly pillowcase along with the adjustable myWoolly Travel Pillow. Both products are wool-filled and 100% washable. New sizes will for the myWoolly pillow include king size. Also on display at market, Sleep & Beyond will feature its organic cotton sheets in TwinXL size.

Universal Forest Products, Inc. is known for its Cinch Sleeper Bed Foundation Kit, a mattress foundation that can be used with or without most metal bed frames, pairing perfectly without any mattress. At the summer market, the company will showcase its patent-pending assembly which uses Snap-Tight clips that require no tools or metal fasteners making it quick and easy to assemble and disassemble its easy-to-carry bed foundation.

Silver Products manufactures angle iron from reprocessed railroad track in its family-owned-and-operated steel mill in El Paso, Texas. The company will be featuring their line of adjustable bed frames, which are made in the same factory as its full line of bed frames and support systems.

Learn more about SSA exhibitors Ergo Sleep Centers, Levitation Laboratories, Naturepedic, Thomashilfen NA, Tyler Net and Viscosoft in the summer issue of Sleep Retailer!

In addition to spotlighting a number of exciting exhibitors at market, the SSA is also rolling out its new revised mission and highlighting its new BEDFAX program.

“It has taken us two years, but we now have a revised and updated duo-mission focused on consumers and our members,” explained Dale T. Read, President of the SSA. “We also have the formal launch of the BEDFAX Verified program under way and now we have a whole new modern, clean look and feel with new signage, graphics and logo for the SSA.”

The SSA is now approaching manufacturers and retailers to explain how the BEDFAX consumer disclosure contents label helps educate the discerning consumer about “What’s In This Mattress?” A voluntary, third-party, industry contents labeling program, BEDFAX informs consumers of exactly what is inside a participating mattress model by weight or volume including what is in the cover, the quilt or comfort layer and the core of the participating mattress.

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