The SSA Hosts 34 Exhibitors and Dozens of New Product Introductions

Sleep Research Technologies' AURIA Climate Controlled Sleep System

The Specialty Sleep Association (SSA) showroom will be booming during the winter Las Vegas Market. With 34 manufacturing exhibitors, six of which are brand new to the space, the showroom will feature a wide spectrum of new sleep products for retail buyers.

“The changes we’ve made in the showroom have allowed for more companies to display products and services and will add to the depth and diversity of offerings to mattress and bedding retailers,” said Tambra Jones, executive director of the SSA.

At the last winter market, the SSA had over 500 individual retail buying groups visit the showroom. “We have noticed an increase in online e-tailers and big box stores coming through our showroom along with the traditional sleep shops, furniture stores and department stores,” Jones continued. “We see an increasing diversity in both buyers and manufacturing exhibitors.”

Returning SSA Showroom exhibitors cover the full gamut of mattress, bedding and sleep related products as well as motion and ergonomic furniture, bed support and foundations, futon covers, top-of-bed accessories, natural and organic sleep products, smart-beds and app-driven comfort systems, heating and cooling applications and retail store support systems from software to display solutions. 

New Exhibitors

Signature SleepSignature Sleep's Reset Nanobionic Hybrid Mattress
  • Comfort Supply Co. by CULP will showcase its line-up of aggressively priced top-of-bed sleep accessories. This includes the eLuxury bamboo mattress pad, which the company reports is the top selling mattress pad on Amazon.
  • I Love My Pillow is featuring its updated and colorful packaging along with prototypes of in-store retail displays and samples of possible new pillow style additions.
  • Focusing on cutting-edge mattress technology designed to allow the sleeper to wake-up restored, Signature Sleep brings to the showroom its new Signature Sleep Reset 12-inch Nanobionic Pillow-Top Hybrid made with Nextgen bio-functional material.
  • Retailers interested in marketing specialty and leisure beds should stop by Sleep-EZZ to learn more about the ALL-IN-ONE adjustable and Power Lift bed.
  • Sleep In Motion will be introducing its unique adjustable bed that rocks you gently to sleep. This product could change the way many people sleep for many years to come.
  • Ultra Comfort America will be showing its power recliners, which are equipped with their patent-pending Eclipse Technology tilting motion that cradles the body for a rejuvenating night’s sleep.

“Many times, the products and services we feature in our showroom are being presented for the first time in any market,” said Jones. “They are brand new to the industry. Our SSA showroom has been branded ‘an incubator’ for new innovations and technologies over the years. Educating and informing retailers and consumers is a key part of our SSA mission. We continue to serve as a platform for new and emerging companies in the mattress and bedding industry.” 

Bio-Based, Natural and/or Organic Products

Accessories_Sleep Beyond pillowsSleep & Beyond's myDual Side Pillow
  • Baltica will be showcasing its Arcusbeds line of certified natural and organic handmade beds from Europe.
  • Coolist Sleep Technology is spotlighting its bio-based Coolist foam and unique nanotechnology. The company will display the Coolist Blue, Coolist Silver and Coolist Pink pillows, all designed to be heat dissipating, breathable and temperature independent.
  • The Futon Shop will be featuring its 100% Natural Sofas and Loveseats, as well as their mattresses and futons. Customers can choose from natural wool, latex, or coconut fiber – or organic wool, latex and natural coconut fiber with 100% linen and choose from a selection of 100 different fabrics for the cover.
  • Sleep & Beyond will be introducing its new myDual Side Pillow. The 100% natural and washable pillow features a two-in-one, adjustable design that provides extra support and pressure relief for the neck, shoulders and the spine.

Other exhibitors showcasing natural bedding include: Bio Sleep Concepts, The Futon Shop and Palm Pring Organic Coconut Mattresses.

Adjustable, Medically Driven and Smartbed Technologies

Supernal MattressSupernal's Hi-Low Adjustable Bed
  • ERGOLife will be demonstrating the new ERGOLife iBed, which can be adjusted to provide individually targeted and tailored support to the lumbar area, as well as pressure relieving zones for the shoulders and hips. Controlled by a remote or by a newly introduced app, the iBed contours to each unique individual spinal structure. 
  • Orthex will be featuring its healthcare-inspired Posture Cushions and Posture Pillows, designed to help with back, shoulder, neck and leg pain, as well as sciatica, breathing, digestive and blood-flow issues. 
  • Sleep Research Technologies will demonstrate the AURIA Climate Controlled Sleep System. Designed to ensure a perfect night’s sleep, the system delivers cool crisp, clean filtered air that minimizes heat-related discomfort.
  • Supernal (Transfer Master Products, Inc.) is supporting the “Aging in Place” movement with the presentation of its Hi-Low adjustable bed. It is specifically designed with the option to vertically elevate the bed up to 20 inches to assist getting in and out of bed.
  • W Silver Products will be highlighting its comprehensive line of adjustable bed bases, bed frames and folding foundations—all of which are made in North America and not subject to the current import tariffs.

Retailer Services and Solutions

Tyler Net's SmartWerks Point-Of-Sale Software
  • Select-A-Mat is returning to the SSA showroom, offering unsurpassed convenience on the mattress store floor with its unique display systems.
  • SmartWerks from Tyler Net will be demonstrating its point-of-sale software program designed to help retailers increase sales, optimize inventory and “make better decisions across the board.”

Private Label, OEM and International Import Programs


Danican's Duck feather pillow
  • Axiom Sleep Products (formerly known as Rest-Medic) recently moved its operation from China to Southeast Asia, enabling the capacity to ship 300 containers a month. The company is looking to expand its Original Design and Equipment Manufacturing business with memory foam and hybrid mattresses and sleep products. 
  • Danican will be presenting its retailer- and OEM-focused private label programs, which offer container load or less than container load shipping options. The company will also be introducing new mattresses, pillows, mattress ticking and packaging designs. One of its new designs is the Duck feather pillow with the option of either a laser cut or a solid memory foam core.
  • Swiss Bliss Mattress Company will be debuting three new models of Swiss Made sleep products as well as introducing a new mattress cover scheme.

Sleep Accessories

  • Bedding Technologies will be featuring a new line of pillows, protectors, comforters and bedsheets, as well as its RTA mattress foundation, which can be shipped by UPS. 
  • Royal Heritage will showcase its 18-color Solid Collection of futon covers, which are available via the company’s drop ship program.