The Pillow Bar Debuts New Slumberlicious Pillows

The Pillow Bar has expanded its portfolio with the introduction of two unique pillow options. The Slumberlicious Back Sleeper and Slumberlicious Body Pillows were both designed by chiropractors, ensuring that consumers can find the proper support they need—and retailers will have a scientifically backed sales story that will resonate on the showroom floor.

The first new introduction from the Pillow Bar is the Slumberlicious Back Sleeper Pillow. This advanced offering was designed with back sleepers in mind: consumers who are looking for a pillow that will provide under-neck support while cradling their head in comfort and alignment. Each supportive channel is a different width to adequately support shorter and longer necks. The Slumberlicious back sleeper pillow is expected to retail with a down fill for $275 and $95 for the down alternative fill option. To further enhance its luxurious comfort feel, each pillow also comes with a 300-thread count cotton sateen protector and lavender sachet.

the-pillow-bar-slumberlicious-body-pillowThe Pillow Bar’s second new offering is the Slumberlicious Body Pillow—a unique “bracket” shaped pillow that works to keep the entire body in alignment with both neck/ shoulder and lower back/hip support. The innovative design makes it a perfect choice for side sleepers, pregnant consumers and those looking to improve their general spine health. In addition to the washable 300-thread count cotton sateen protector and lavender sachet, the Pillow Bar also gives the option for retailers to select their embroidery of choice. With a suggested retail price of $219 for the down alternative, the Slumberlicious Body Pillow is a valuable opportunity to increase bedding sales tickets.