Technogel Introduces New Gel Pillow to the US Market

Technogel Petite PillowTechnogel is adding the Petite pillow to its line of high performance sleep accessories in the United States. The lower-profile product has been one of Technogel’s popular sellers in Asia for the past few years and its introduction at the Summer Las Vegas Market will now fill a gap for Americans. The Petite pillow is designed to support proper spinal alignment, especially for small-built individuals or those seeking comfort while lying on their stomachs.

Made with the same technology found in its mattresses, each of Technogel’s five pillows contain the company’s innovative patented polyurethane “soft solid” gel that combines the three-dimensional adaptability of a fluid with the durability of a solid for the perfect balance between comfort and support. At 3.5 inches in height, the new Petite pillow is Technogel’s thinnest and one of the lowest-profile options available on the market. It is available in a standard pillow size and features the Technogel gel layer molded to a memory foam base. The gel layer features a specialized design that allows for greater airflow and cushioning comfort, for which all Technogel products are known.

“Our pillows continue to be increasingly popular, but our retailers conveyed a need to reach a particular group of consumers who remained generally unsatisfied. We understand that one size does not fit all when it comes to sleep comfort, so we are pleased to offer the Petite pillow to round out our line,” said Technogel U.S. Vice President of Sales and Marketing Alvise Bertoncello.

Each Technogel pillow is made with a pure layer of gel molded to visco-foam base and is hypo-allergenic, non-toxic and odor free. The Classic pillow is designed for those who prefer low-height pillows and tend to sleep on their backs. The Deluxe is designed for the sleeper who wants a thick, luxurious pillow and favors his/her side. The Anatomic, which provides ergonomic support and muscle relaxation, is recommended back or side sleepers and those who suffer from neck, back or shoulder pain. The Contour is also recommended for neck, back and shoulder pain sufferers, and features a slightly more compact profile that prevents pushback.

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About Technogel Sleeping: Established as a brand by one of the world’s largest producers of gel, Technogel Sleeping launched in 2008 as a division of Technogel Group, a European company founded by health products manufacturers Royal Medica and Otto Bock. Technogel Group’s North American headquarters is in Pittsburgh, PA, with the company’s major manufacturing plants in Italy and Germany along with operating facilities in Australia, Japan and the UK. Technogel Sleeping is currently sold in over 50 countries and can be found in 800 retail doors.