Teamex Showcases Sleepleasant “Soothing Waters” Heated Mattress Topper

As the demand for accessory products designed to enhance sleep comfort continues to grow, Teamex Corporation is introducing its new Sleepleasant “Soothing Waters” heated mattress topper at the winter Las Vegas Market. With a finely tuned focus on consumer safety and convenience, the company has created this unique product using state-of-the-art technology. By effectively heating and circulating water throughout the mattress, Sleepleasant provides optimum warmth to ensure a good night’s sleep.

The Sleepleasant has a proven track record of advanced convenience and performance in Korea, where the product was invented. The innovative topper is a cost effective, easy-to-operate system with a high-efficiency, low-power-consumption design, providing superior mattress topper heat that allows the consumer to save by lowering the central thermostat temperature.

“This is the number one selling brand of heated mattress tops in Korea,” stated Teamex’s Steve Yang. “This system was designed and manufactured by Dong Yang Easytech, the pre-eminent water heater specialists who celebrate a long history dedicated to the science of healthy sleep. Additionally, our Sleepleasant Mattress Topper has been awarded the Industrial Service Medal by the Korean Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy.”

The Sleepleasant system comes with the company’s proprietary “Ten Point Safety Sensor and Control System,” which includes a temperature sensor, safe position switch, water level sensor, timer and heater malfunction prevention. Yang emphasized that, “safety comes first” with the Sleepleasant design, which heats the bed without the use of electromagnetic waves or other concerns that come from traditional electrical heating-pad units. The system comes with an attractive, convenient Hybrid Water Heater that automatically cycles on and off according to the user’s desired temperature setting. The Sleepleasant topper also comes with separate right and left heating controls, a removable cover that can be separated for washing and a waterproof inner coating that can be wiped clean with a cloth.

Made with 100% cotton, the hypoallergenic covers are designed by Rachel Gresham, a world-renowned interior artist. The “bulk” texture covers are ideal for year-round use, adding protection from the heat in warmer temperatures and holding on to the warmth in cooler temperatures. The covers can be removed easily and folded for storage or transporting to another location.

With a suggested retail price of $499-$999, Teamex’s Sleepleasant is an ideal comfort, wellness and safety-oriented accessory product for retailers looking to boost their margins.

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