Talalay Global Spotlights New Sleep Accessories—For People And Pets

Talalay Global is coming to the Las Vegas Market with a new, enhanced pillow program aimed at encouraging retailers to leverage the significant profit opportunity that add-on pillow sales present. Additionally, the company is joining the multi-million dollar U.S. dog bed market with the launch of its first canine bed: Barkalay by Talalay.

The new people pillow program includes three models and feels: Talalay Active, featuring a classic Talalay core; Talalay Down, made from pure, shredded Talalay; and Talalay Copper, featuring a copper-infused Talalay core for anti-bacterial properties. Each pillow measures 19 x 30 inches and has a 3.5-inch grey ribbon around its perimeter displaying the pillow’s full name in bold, color-coded embroidery: red for Talalay Active, white for Talalay Down and rust for Talalay Copper. Covered in a soft, alabaster fabric, the new enhanced pillow collection is expected to retail from $79 to $129.

“We believe in ‘the power of the pillow’ and we branded the line so it would be hard to miss or ignore on a sales floor,” noted Talalay Global President and CEO Kim Fisher. “Because mattress shopping is a common trigger for a pillow purchase, we want to push pillow awareness and its connection to a good night’s sleep with both RSAs and consumers.”

While dog beds are typically sold online, in catalogs or at pet supply stores, Talalay Global is hoping to see its Barkalay by Talalay bed on mattress floors. The product is designed to attract additional attention, continue the conversation about Talalay and, ultimately, capture profitable add-on sales for the retailer.

“If you’re shopping for the best mattress for yourself and you opt for a Talalay bed, you might also want the best for your dog,” Fisher said. “Many people are dog lovers, so why wouldn’t they care what their dog sleeps on?”

Talalay Global’s new Barkalay by Talalay dog bed—expected to retail in one size at $169.99— consists of pure Talalay inside and is covered in a gray quilted, 100 percent polyester fabric. At 26.5 x 38 inches, the bed is large enough to accommodate most dog breeds and is embroidered on the side with the Barkalay by Talalay name. Optionally, the bed may also be custom-embroidered with a pet’s name.

“Like our pillows, we believe this bed could be a unique point of attraction at retail as well as a reason to start or continue a discussion about the many benefits of Talalay,” Fisher added. “Many mattress retailers are missing the huge opportunities that sleep accessories like pillows—even dog beds— present in-store. Both of our new programs are designed and branded to encourage and expand the dialogue on sleep that RSAs can have with their customers.”

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