Suite Sleep Partners With Local Farmers on Little Lamb Organics Bedding

Suite Sleep knows that, when planning a toddler bedroom, the most important issue is insuring that the bedding will be comfortable, support the body and be safe from allergens and toxins. That is the premise on which its Little Lamb mattress and bedding line was created.

With mattress, topper and pillow options, the Little Lamb product line fills one of the most underrepresented niches in the natural bedding industry: kids from toddler to teen. The developing bodies of young children have not had the opportunity to develop immunities to the many allergens in their environment. For this reason, Little Lamb features three simple ingredients: organic cotton, natural latex and natural locally sourced wool. With 15 year of business under its belt, the company has forged valuable relationships and support from its local farmers. Recently, Suite Sleep partnered with sustainable farms right in their own backyard to source its wool components.

“While perusing our local organic farmer’s market, I learned about the Black Cat Farm, which grow Tunis sheep, the perfect wool for our Little Lamb line,” explained Angela Owen, Suite Sleep CEO. “Just a couple of miles from our plant, we can watch the sheep graze in the beautiful Boulder Valley. As the mountainsides melt into spring and the little lambs are born, the soft woolly coats are shorn. Once the wool is washed, scoured and carded, it creates the soft plushness of our Little Lamb Toppers and mattresses.”

The wool is encased in fine organic cotton double knit fabric that is sourced from the finest mills in the USA. Conventional cotton growers can use some of the most toxic pesticides in the world, contaminating fresh water supplies and retaining toxic chemical residues. By eschewing dangerous chemicals, organic cotton is better for both the planet and children.

The Little Lamb mattresses use only all natural Dunlop latex, avoiding any petrochemical foams and additives. Latex is the perfect sleep surface for growing children, as it conforms to the body’s changing needs. It sleeps cool naturally, and resists dust mites and mold to minimize allergens.

Developed with a child’s changing needs in mind, Little Lamb features a unique Grow with Me system that allows layers to be added to the mattress. Each layer addresses new comfort needs for each stage of development and creates an economical alternative to purchasing new bedding as the child grows.

Suite Sleep’s mission is to provide clean and safe products for kids. With bedding made in the USA from trusted suppliers, the company not only reduces its carbon footprint but increases the reliability and quality of the product as well. Each member of the supply chain and manufacturing process is accountable, accessible and supported—ensuring high quality and added assurance.