Sleepace Revolutionizes Sleep Monitoring With Non-Wearable RestOn Device

A leading developer of professional sleep solutions, Sleepace’s innovative new, non-wearable monitoring technology is changing the way people can track their sleep habits.

Following a wildly successful Indiegogo campaign, the company has introduced the award-winning RestOn to the e-commerce market.

The user-friendly RestOn device measures, tracks and analyzes sleep quality. With its patented structure, RestOn’s professional medical grade sensors are wrapped in an ultra-thin microfiber band that intimately molds to the body to generate highly accurate sleep data including sleep time, heart rate, respiratory rate, body movement and sleep cycles. Since the band rests between the mattress and the sheet, users do not need to make direct contact with the device, resulting in a non-wearable solution and a more comfortable night’s sleep.

“Approximately 70 million Americans suffer from chronic sleep disorders, which are often contributors to serious health problems such as diabetes, obesity, depression and heart problems,” said David Huang, CEO of Sleepace. “RestOn empowers consumers with the ability to better understand their sleep habits and quality. With RestOn’s simple and intuitive sleep data analysis and expert advice, users can effectively improve their sleep—thereby improving their quality of life as a whole.”

RestOn’s patented MagneticLock design seamlessly attaches the device to the bed sheet. By simply laying the sensor band on top of the mattress and under the bed sheet and then covering the base with the magnetic lid, the device turns on and is ready to be used. RestOn boasts a wireless and button-free design to offer users an unrivaled level of comfort and convenience. A single charge can reliably deliver a full month of sleep monitoring, so users can rest without worrying about having to turn the device off and on.

The company is coming to the summer Las Vegas Market with a new system that combines the Nox smart sleep light, the RestOn non-wearable sleep monitor and the Sleepace mobile application. Using light and sound programs, the Nox smart sleep light helps users fall asleep easily and the smart alarm feature helps them wake up naturally. With the data collected from Nox and RestOn, the Sleepace app supplies information about how the bedroom environment impacts sleep quality and how to make smart suggestions to improve the sleeping experience.

The Nox smart sleep light provides light and sound programs that adapt to personal body clock to positively impact users’ sleeping conditions. The light technology is designed to produce red wavelengths, which can raise the secretion of Melatonin and delicate, soothing sounds are played to help you fall asleep easily. RestOn will tell Nox to turn off once the user has fallen asleep. RestOn also lets Nox know when the user is at the lightest part of their sleep cycle, waking them within 30 minutes prior to the time set. Being awoken from light sleep rather than deep sleep leaves the body feeling more refreshed. Additionally, Nox contains sensors to monitor temperature, humidity and CO2 conditions and pick up ambient light and noise in the bedroom

With a chic, modern design, the Nox smart sleep light can be easily incorporated into any bedroom environment. It displays time and temperature on the front screen and comes with a USB port to charge a smartphone or tablet, eliminating the need for an alarm clock or charger in the bedroom.

Founded in 2011, Sleepace is a leading innovator of medical-grade sleep solutions for the home. Headquartered in Shenzhen, China, Sleepace is led by a professional team of information technology and healthcare experts with rich experience in the Internet of Things industry and sleep science.

RestOn works with Apple iOS 7, Android 4.3 and later compatible devices. The free Sleepace App syncs to the device via Bluetooth and provides real-time monitoring, comprehensive sleep analysis and expert sleep guidance to help users identify their sleep habits and improve sleep quality. The unique FamilyCloud feature allows users to check their family’s sleep data and share their own sleep data with friends and loved ones.

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