Sleepace Launches Sleep Dot, A Mini Smart Sleep Device

Sleepace, producer of medical-grade sleep solutions for the home, brings to market Sleep Dot, a non-wearable, user-friendly, mini smart sleep device designed to monitor, track and analyze sleep quality. Sleep Dot simply attaches to the corner of the pillowcase and measures body movement, sleep cycle and sleep time during the night. Through a synced Bluetooth connection, the Sleepace App provides comprehensive sleep analysis and expert sleep guidance to help users identify their sleep habits, improve sleep quality and achieve their best sleep each night.

The slim, user-friendly device measures just 1.3 inches in diameter and half an inch thick, providing an unassuming presence. After attaching Sleep Dot to the corner of the pillowcase, users can negotiate the easy set up from prompts on the Sleepace App, taking less than a minute to get the device up and running.

Sleepace Sleep Dot Sleep TrackerBy collecting data and synthesizing it with the Sleepace App, Sleep Dot analyzes sleep trends, awarding a Sleep Score to give users an at-a-glance view of sleep quality. The smart device acts as a personal sleep consultant, offering personalized daily reminders designed to aid in the development of healthier sleep habits.

Sleepace Sleep Dot AppPatented Della sleep aid music helps sleepers fall asleep easily and improves sleep quality. Via the Sleepace App users can choose from ten sounds including ‘Waves of the Ocean’, ‘Dream’, ‘Sweet Lullaby’, ‘Rain’ and more. Sounds can be set to go on at bedtime by default or can be turned on manually and will turn off automatically once users fall asleep.

Sleep Dot doesn't just aid with the process of falling asleep; it also helps people wake up at just the right moment. Communicating with the Sleepace App, Sleep Dot can sense the lightest part of a user's sleep cycle and enacting the wake function within 20, 30 or 45 minutes prior to the set wake time. Waking during light sleep versus deep sleep, leaves consumers feeling better rested, less groggy and more refreshed.

Retailing for $49.99, Sleep Dot is one of the most cost effective sleep devices on the market and exemplifies how big things can come in small packages.

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About Sleepace: Founded in 2011, Sleepace is a leading developer of professional sleep solutions designed to help users achieve their best sleep. Headquartered in Shenzhen, China, with a U.S. office in Los Angeles, CA, Sleepace is led by a professional team of information technology and healthcare experts with rich experience in the Internet of Things (IOT) industry and sleep science.