Sleep Research Technologies Showcases Climate Controlled Sleep System

Sleep Research Technologies has designed and engineered an advanced climate controlled sleep system to deliver the perfect sleeping environment. More than simply cooling the mattress, the AURIA uses state-of-the-art technologies to help consumers achieve a state of thermo-neutrality that has been shown to improve sleep quality.

At the heart of the AURIA is the company’s new, robust SRT-9000 climate control module. Using convection currents and a process known as “inversion,” the system creates a micro-climate around the entire perimeter of the sleep environment to maintain the doctor-recommended temperature between 60 and 67 degrees Fahrenheit. The thermostatic control creates a cooler or warmer sleeping environment depending on the individual’s requirements, while the processed air gently cascades an invisible cocoon of cool, filtered air.

Cooling the body externally can make a consumer feel more comfortable and help them fall asleep. However, “the key challenge that separates us from all other sleep cooling technology is the achieving by the sleeper of a condition known as Thermo-Neutrality,” explained Virgil Venditto, Director of Engineering. According to sleep scientists, this is achieved by breathing in air that is 35 degrees lower than the body temperature, which puts them in a state of thermal balance between a body and its environment.Tests have shown that people sleep anywhere from 62% to 71% deeper and reach REM sleep faster when they remain thermally balanced throughout the entire sleep cycle.

“We challenge any mattress or sleep retailer who is selling sleep cooling solutions to consumers to scientifically prove that their system is more effective and provides better lasting, all night sleep cooling over the AURIA Climate Controlled Sleep System,” stated Venditto. The company is so confident in its product that it is issuing a challenge to all bedding retailers attending the summer Las Vegas Market. “We will put our money where our mouth is,” he continued. “If the retailer can technically substantiate that their present cooling solutions are superior to our technology in reaching for-real cooling—namely Thermo-Neutrality—we will install a system in their primary retail store location for free. This is a $4500 value for that retailer.”