Sleep Innovations Offers Better Sleep as Students Head Back to School

Dorm-Ready Gel-Infused Memory Foam Mattress Topper and Pillow Offer Increased Comfort for Essential Sleep

Sleep Innovations, a market leader in designing and manufacturing advanced foam sleep solutions, introduced the REMedy Bed Upgrade Kit featuring a gel-infused memory foam mattress topper and coordinating pillow, designed to help students get the essential sleep they need for strong performance and academic achievement in school.

As students head back to school, it’s important to stress the importance of both the amount and quality of sleep they get each night. According to the National Sleep Foundation, teenagers need 9.25 hours of sleep to function at their best. Specifically, the REM sleep cycle is important as it allows the brain to recharge at night and is essential for building memory function and creative and cognitive development.

The REMedy Bed Upgrade Kit includes a gel-infused memory foam mattress topper, which conforms to the student’s unique body shape and relieves pressure points for better circulation and less tossing and turning during sleep. With fewer interruptions during the night as a result of tossing and turning, students can fall into a deeper sleep and achieve more critical REM sleep. The REMedy Bed Upgrade Kit is particularly beneficial for college students who tend to get less sleep away from home and must sleep on dorm beds that have become warped and uncomfortable from years of use.

“The REMedy Bed Upgrade Kit helps give parents the peace of mind that their teen will sleep well once their head hits the pillow,” said Mike Loomis, Executive Vice President of Business and Product Development at Sleep Innovations. “Our gel-infused memory foam takes comfort to the next level and we hope it helps students feel refreshed and ready for a day of learning so they can perform their very best in school.”

The REMedy Bed Upgrade Kit includes a one and a half inch gel memory foam mattress topper and a gel memory foam pillow filled with micro cushions. Both are packed in a reusable zippered canvas bag for easy transport to the dorm. The REMedy Bed Upgrade Kit’s mattress topper is available in Twin and Twin-XL – sizes commonly found in dorm rooms. It is available for purchase on with a list price of $92.99.

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