Sleep Innovations Introduces Pet Products at New York Home Textiles Market

WEST LONG BRANCH, NJ -- Sleep Innovations, a market leader in designing and manufacturing advanced foam sleep solutions, unveiled a new line of memory foam products for pets including beds, mats and crate mats.

Designed with Sleep Innovations' innovative memory foam technology, pet parents can now provide their four-legged family members with the same level of sleep comfort they enjoy. The products also provide pressure point relief to ease joint pain and discomfort while the pet sleeps.

The new Pet Lounge, a pet bed generously filled with Memory Foam Micro Cushions, ensures a good night's sleep for pets of all sizes. Manufactured in the USA, the Pet Lounge accommodates small, medium and large dogs, and is available in a wide range of colors to coordinate with home decor.

Memory-foam Pet Mats are available to fit the floor of the crate or in fun unique shapes for any room in the home ranging from fire hydrants to goldfish. These mats can easily be transferred from the home to the car allowing owners to provide comfort for their pets in any location.

"Pets are members of the family, and pet parents want to provide the best products for them, especially when it comes to their comfort and sleep," said Sleep Innovations Executive Vice President of Business & Product Development Mike Loomis. "Whether pampering your pet, providing extra comfort due to age or a breed's special needs, pets deserve quality sleep surfaces for a restful sleep."

The Pet Lounge and Pet Mats are being introduced at the September New York Home Textiles Market.

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About Sleep Innovations: Sleep Innovations is the leader in consumer-driven foam products, proven to deliver comfort, relaxation and rejuvenation. The company designs and manufactures advanced memory foam products, including pillows, mattress toppers, mattresses, mattress protectors and home comfort, travel & pet products. Through extensive clinical and consumer testing, Sleep Innovations has found that its breakthrough foam solutions help to improve the quality of its consumers' lives through better sleep.