Sleemon Makes Its Foray Into The US Market

Sleemon, the largest supplier of mattresses for IKEA and 5-star hotels in the Asia-Pacific region, is making inroads into the US market by launching the Sleemon UltrCool Mattress Topper on Amazon. This offering features Sleemon's up-to-date and advanced innovation,  UltrCool Technology, a high-performance fabric that dries extra fast and elevates the sleeping experience. With this launch, Sleemon plans to broaden the distribution of its products to new and existing customers in a move that is integral to its future expansion plans.

The Ultimate Sleeping Experience, With UltrCool Technology

Every night while you sleep, you create a warm and humid environment due to body heat and sweat. When this moisture is trapped in the mattress, it causes increased body temperature, irregular breathing and discomfort on waking up. To cope with these problems, Sleemon has designed a mattress topper that uses UltrCool Technology, which can quickly absorb and disperse moisture, keeping the body cool and promising a comfortable and restorative sleep.

"We have adopted the most self-advanced technology, UltrCool , in the Sleemon UltrCool Mattress Topper. It disperses trapped heat, regulates body temperature, reduces sweating, and provides relief from body aches and pains, making sure you wake up feeling refreshed and energetic all day," said Mr. Chen Ayu, Chairman of Sleemon.

Sleemon's Most Comfortable Mattress Topper

Extremely cozy and cool on contact, the newly launched Sleemon UltrCool Mattress Topper is the ideal solution for comfortable sleep throughout the night. UltrCool technology helps customers get their most comfortable and coolest sleep yet. It uses high-tech fabric that quickly absorbs and disperses sweat and moisture through its four-tube fibers. It also dries faster than any other mattress with similar benefits, keeping your skin cool and dry all night long.

Available in two thickness options, 2 inches and 3 inches, the Sleemon UltrCool Mattress Topper uses high-density gel-infused memory foam with perforated holes to alleviate pressure points by distributing weight evenly and reducing pressure buildup. Furthermore, it optimally supports the body offering personalized support and relief from pain, especially the lower back and tired joints.

The Sleemon UltrCool Mattress Topper is fitted with thick corner straps firmly securing it in place on the mattress for maximum comfort. The durable foam material also ensures that it will keep its shape for years to come. This topper instantly upgrades the comfort of any mattress giving you the welcome feeling of sinking into a plush and supportive cocoon each night.

The Sleemon UltrCool Mattress Topper is ideal for warm homes and infants, children who get overheated and perspire while sleeping, adults and the elderly with bodyache or painful joints, and in general, people who prefer a cool, dry and airy environment while sleeping.

Sleemon also plans to expand its product line in the coming months with the introduction of two new offerings, the Sleemon Breathable Memory Foam Mattress Topper and the Sleemon Adjustable  Gel Memory Foam Pillow.

Pricing & Availability

Sleemon UltrCool Mattress Topper is now available for $129.99-$329.99 on AmazonTo celebrate its US launch, Sleemon is offering a promotional discount of 20% on using the code "SLEEMONGIFT", valid from 08th Nov to 24th Nov.

About Sleemon

For over 30 years, Sleemon's primary focus has been efficient production anduncompromising excellence with every order, regardless of size. With an annual capacity of 6.5 million units and complete control over every step of our supply chain, Sleemon delivers premium-quality, lab-tested products consistently, anywhere in the world, at competitive price points. Sleemon has 8 factories around the world, with over 4,000 stores worldwide. Its products are sold in over 70 countries and regions, bringing healthy sleep to 60 million families. Its clients in China include JW Marriott Hotels & Resorts, Hilton Hotels and Sheraton among others. Sleemon also has cooperative brand alliances with Casper and Ashley. It has grown to become one of the world's largest-scale and most trusted manufacturers of foam and spring mattresses and upholstered furniture.