SHEEX Teams Up with Team USA for the 2011 Solheim Cup

SHEEX, maker of the world’s first performance bedding, has teamed up with the 2011 U.S. Solheim Cup team to provide the golfers with innovative and cutting-edge bedding engineered to help athletes Sleep Better and Play Better. This year’s national team, captained by 13-time LPGA Tour event winner and Golf Channel commentator Rosie Jones, will defend their title against Europe’s top female golfers when the biennial event takes place at Killeen Castle in Ireland this month.

SHEEX co-founders Susan Walvius and Michelle Marciniak designed SHEEX Performance Bedding to help people sleep better so they can perform at their peak the next day. Inspired by the most technologically advanced performance athletic fabrics, SHEEX products feature SLEEP•FIT Technology for maximum comfort and improved sleep quality. SHEEX breathe nearly 50 percent better than traditional bedding to reduce sleep-disrupting temperature fluctuations at night. By transferring body heat two times more effectively than cotton, SHEEX promotes the cooler conditions that research indicates are critical for deeper and more restorative sleep.

As part of this partnership to help Team USA both Sleep Better and Play Better, SHEEX will provide each golfer on the U.S. Solheim Cup team with the SHEEX SLEEP•SAX, a roomy and luxurious multi-purpose sleeping solution designed to achieve more comfortable and restful sleep while traveling. The SHEEX SLEEP•SAX is light and compact and designed for on-the-go comfort.

Rosie Jones comments, “The founders behind SHEEX truly appreciate the needs of athletes and they’ve worked hard to develop a product to help athletes perform better while on the road. I sleep on SHEEX at home but with the amount of travel I do, I needed a solution for when I’m on Tour. The SHEEX SLEEP•SAX is ridiculously soft and ensures I get a good night’s sleep wherever I go.”

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About SHEEX: SHEEX, Inc. was co-founded in 2007 by former University of South Carolina basketball coaches Susan Walvius and Michelle Marciniak. Both accomplished collegiate student-athletes they designed SHEEX to create an entirely different kind of bedding using the finest in professional-quality athletic performance fabrics. SHEEX product lines include the Home, Nautical (boat), Travel and Baby Collections.