SHEEX Prepares To Wow At Las Vegas Market

SHEEX has quite a few new offerings slated for the Winter Las Vegas Market. Anchored by new mattress and pillow protectors, pillows and sleepwear, there will be product additions to the home bedding lineup including a variety of sheets featuring Sleep•Fit or CoolX Technology, comforters, and four new hybrid mattresses.

New entries in SHEEX Performance Home feature ICE•Cool with CoolX Technology fabrications in hybrid mattress protectors and pillows. “We took the best properties of performance and applied them to next-generation products” says Susan Walvius, CEO and co-founder of SHEEX.

The ICE•Cool HYBRID mattress protector is engineered to protect the longevity of any mattress while still providing cooling comfort. The fibers of the ICE•Cool fabric featuring CoolX Adaptive Fabric Technology transports moisture and heat away from the body for a cooler sleep. SHEEX developed the ICE•Cool mattress protector with the same advanced cooling material used in the SHEEX PERFORMANCE premium mattresses. Built with waterproof material used in exceptional outdoor gear, the protector adds an extra layer of insurance against spills and moisture while helping to manage temperature swings throughout the night. The microporous liquid barrier in the protector offers extreme breathability which allows air to circulate, so the mattress stays cool, clean, and protected.

Cool is also the theme in pillows. The SHEEX ICE•Cool Talalay Latex Pillow is infused with advanced cooling gel for cooler sleep. Talalay has a naturally springy character that’s supremely comfortable; by adding gel material it captures and distributes heat through a ventilated design for exceptional breathability and a better sleep climate. The SHEEX Cooling Latex Pillow provides uplifting support to your neck and bottomless pressure relief for your head. The removable, washable pillow cover is innovative as well. The SHEEX PERFORMANCE 2FACE cooling pillow encasement is made with a dual construction design scientifically engineered for constant airflow to deliver a cooler and more comfortable night’s sleep. One side features ICE•Cool  fabric with CoolX technology using rapid cooling fibers that transport moisture and heat away from the body while the other side has the SHEEX flagship fabric – Original Performance – which is breathable, moisture-wicking and smooth.

Las Vegas Market-goers will also see the introduction of SHEEX 828 MOTION Performance Sleepwear for men and women. Thanks to advanced fabrics and thoughtful design, SHEEX 828 MOTION technical sleepwear is designed to excel in all environments affording superior breathability, temperature regulation and sweat-wicking. The amazing feel and function of the wrinkle-resistant fabrics, along with the lightweight performance stretch blend, allows for freedom of movement and always keeps its shape.

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About SHEEX: SHEEX represents an entirely new category in functional bedding and sleepwear focused on the science of sleep and recovery. SHEEX addresses a need for innovative, next-generation products that provide solutions for a more comfortable sleep environment through breathable, moisture-wicking technical fabrics.