SHEEX Expands Its Industry Reach to Sporting Goods Retailers

SHEEX established an entirely new category in bedding seven years ago with the introduction of highly technical athletic micro-fiber fabric within bed sheets, bed- ding products and sleepwear. The company continues to champion the critical role that sleep plays within fitness or athletic training and, ultimately, in performance. As such, SHEEX has expanded its market reach to include select Sports Authority locations, marking the first time that bedding and sleepwear products will be sold within the sporting goods retail channel.

These Sports Authority locations will carry the brands’ newest product line, RECOVERS, designed exclusively for sporting goods retailers. RECOVERS features enhanced technological adaptations allowing it to breathe four times more than traditional bedding.

“We were thrilled that sporting goods retailers are taking notice and sharing our belief about sleep as a critical component of ‘performance,’ whether for athletes or anyone intent on maintaining an active emphasis on personal fitness,” said Michelle Brooke-Marciniak, Co-Founder, SHEEX, Inc. “Athletes and fitness fanatics were the early adopters of our product, so to us, placement within sporting goods retail has always made perfect sense.”

While diet and exercise are two pillars of healthy living, sleep is the third pillar and a critical factor in achieving and maintaining peak performance. As one of the body’s most active times for recovery, sleep sup- plies increased blood to muscles and growth hormones for muscle development, tissue growth and repair. Testing demonstrates that SHEEX holds a proven advantage over traditional cotton bedding because it’s made with the finest professional athletic performance fabrics, transferring body heat four times more effectively than cotton. This allows the body to cool itself for faster, deeper sleep, creating the ideal environment for your body to recover to maximize performance the next day.

Performance fabrics are engineered for optimal comfort, which also helps athletes perform at a higher level. SHEEX brings that same technology to bedding and sleepwear, creating the ideal environment for a more comfortable sleep—which ultimately results in a higher performance during the day.

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