SensorPEDIC Debuts Two Innovative Pillow/Topper Lines

SensorPedic_Bounce Collection topperSensorPEDIC will debut its two latest collections, Memory Cloud and Bounce, at the upcoming Las Vegas Market. The company’s Bounce Collection of pillows and toppers is the first to feature a newly formulated, “energized” memory foam that offers a more spring-like feel similar to the faster response found in latex. Bounce offers alternative feels and support characteristics to regular memory foam while maintaining the Sensor PEDIC’s ICOOL® technology design. Memory Cloud combines a cloud like feel using gel fiber for an added cooling effect, touts the benefits of memory foam and features the company’s latest special memory foam formulations.

The Memory Cloud Collection features a newly engineered super-soft memory foam and has paired it with a ultra soft down alternative gel fiber that mimics the ride of Down while still maintaining the pressure relieving properties of memory foam. The collection will be available in customized sleep style pillows and three bed topper designs. The line uses a high-end polyester, nylon blended fabric that incorporates both cooling and stain-resistant technologies to help keep the consumer cool during sleep, while maintaining a more hygienic environment. The pillows retail for $50-$80 in standard, queen and king sizes, while the toppers will retail for $100-$300 in all traditional bed sizes.

The Bounce Collection was created for a consumer with an active lifestyle, lifting a sleeper’s body for gentle support and comfort rather than the deep down sinking in attribute of traditional memory foam. The new pillows and toppers are made with a higher density memory foam that allows it to be more durable and help consumers get a rejuvenated night’s sleep. The collection will include two styles of pillows -- oversized and contour. Toppers will be available in two and three-inch options. The pillows retail for $50-$100 in standard, queen and king sizes, while the toppers retail for $150-$300 in all traditional bed sizes.

“These innovative pillows and toppers combine two of the most popular trends – latex and down in the sleep products industry and provide oversized comfort as they are available in queen and king sizes,” said Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing Robert O’Connell. “With these new collections, we are introducing affordable alternatives to down and latex sleep products, which tend to be more expensive. Consumers understand that mattresses come in a variety of comfort feels and are looking for a similar selection in their pillows and other top-of-bed products.”

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About SensorPEDIC: The SensorPEDIC® brand was launched in 2008 and in just five years has become the fastest growing specialty sleep brand in the basic bedding category, manufacturing pillows, mattress toppers, mattresses and other sleep and support products. SensorPEDIC focuses on helping consumers get a restorative night’s sleep and is dedicated to incorporating the latest in sleep technology into its products. SensorPEDIC’s parent company, Soft-Tex operates a 125,000 square-foot manufacturing and distribution center in Waterford, NY, a showroom in Manhattan, NY, a distribution center in Charleston, SC and offices in China.