Seahawk Designs Debuts Innovative Point of Purchase Program at Las Vegas Market

Seahawk Designs Inc., creators of the patented STO-A-WAY® mattress foundation, said it will introduce its “Deco Pack” retail program at this summer’s Las Vegas Market. Promising a perfect-looking display each time, the new patent-pending Deco Pack is an attractive mini-comforter, with two pillow shams and a decorative pillow attached. By creating one easy-to-use piece, the Deco Pack streamlines the sales demonstration process for RSAs who no longer need to worry about remaking the bed when they show a product to consumers.

“Having a messy looking display is a problem retailers and RSAs face each day,” said Seahawk Designs CEO William Jahn. “There isn’t enough time for the RSAs to make the beds between sales and displays are often left looking sloppy. The Deco Pack guarantees a perfectly-made bed by taking an elaborate point of purchase bedding display and connecting it all into one piece. With just a flip of the Deco Pack cover, RSAs can easily remove and replace the bedding display, guaranteeing an effortless and perfect demonstration each time.”

The Deco Pack program by Seahawk Designs, creators of the patented STO-A-WAY mattress foundation, is fully customizable, allowing retailers to match their Deco Pack to their showroom’s design scheme. When used in conjunction with Seahawk Design’s exclusive Casual Elegance collection, the Deco Packs enhance the overall appearance of the vignette.

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About Seahawk Designs Inc.: Creators of the STO-A-WAY® bed storage system, Seahawk Designs Inc. offers the answer to every consumer’s need to maximize space and storage without compromising quality. Headquartered in Riverside, Calif., Seahawk Designs Inc. products are available in over 1,500 retailers nationwide.