Seahawk Design Expands Popular Casual Elegance Collection

Seahawk CambridgeSeahawk Designs Inc. is introduces two new offerings in its fashionable Casual Elegance Collection at the Winter Las Vegas Market. The company is debuting the new Audrey headboard, in addition to updating its popular Cambridge line-up with a lighter color finish option called “Wheat”.

Designed to bring fashion and storage to the bedding showroom floor, these additions compliment all Seahawk bases. Innovative elements, such as touch latch drawers and a “stuff it” feature that allows consumers to fill drawers with no jam is- sues when opening and create as much storage as a six drawer dresser. These new offerings can also substitute for a standard box spring or mattress foundation.

Previewed at the Summer Las Vegas Market, the Audrey features tufted upholstery and offers a classic and elegant aesthetic. The new design, like all headboards in the Casual Elegance collection, measures 60-inches in height. The company’s new Wheat finish offers retailers more variety within the Cambridge line-up with a lighter, more vintage design compared to its original brown finish.

“We are very excited to introduce our customers to what we consider the most feminine and discernible headboard of our Casual Elegance Collection – the Audrey,” said Seahawk Designs CEO William Jahn. “We continue to strive to provide consumers with selection that infuses style and functionality, without compromise. This new design and the Wheat finished Cambridge are perfect for those looking to maximize space, whether it’s a bedroom or a showroom.”

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