Reverie Updates Accessories to Provide Customized Sleep Solutions

Remote Stand with USB OutletReverie continues to expand its customizable sleep offerings with the introduction of high-tech bedding accessories at the Summer Las Vegas Market.

Reverie will unveil a mattress protector that features sensor-based technology to offer an accurate capture of sleep data. Like a traditional mattress protector, this is designed to fit over the mattress and under a fitted sheet. Added sensor-technology monitors sleep quality by tracking how well and for how long an individual sleeps.

“We’re committed to providing the tools necessary to help consumers take control of their sleep, because we know improved sleep leads to a better lifestyle,” said Reverie President Martin Rawls-Meehan. “With this product our goal was to create deep sleep technology that is practical for the end-user. Unlike other sleep devices on the market that require you to strap gadgets to your body or sleep with your cell phone, this is non-invasive—you don’t even know it’s there.”

The metrics include a sleep stage map and a sleep score that are easily accessible by consumers through the corresponding mobile app. Over time, individuals will be able to pull up a detailed personal history to view their sleep data from day-to-day and month-to-month. Built-in pressure-sensors identify pressure points and highlight them for users on their app. When coupled with an adjustable base, consumers can use that information to change their sleep position or adjust the bed to find the perfect position to relieve pressure and optimize sleep.

“We envision retailers being able to demonstrate the sleep quality mattress protector in their showrooms in tandem with adjustable bases to visually map and showcase the benefits of how adjustables can relive pressure point pain. Since this accessory is compatible with any mattress brand, we’re confident it will help our retailers increase their sales tickets while addressing the needs of today’s tech-focused consumer,” said Rawls-Meehan.

Reverie will also introduce new design features for its 7S (Supreme) and 5D (Deluxe) adjustable bases. These models offer patented massage technology for improved circulation, pre-set memory positions including the popular “Anti-Snore” position and the pain-relieving “Zero Gravity” position.

Reverie Semi-Sectional BaseA new semi-sectional base design provides a single outer base frame resembling a traditional box spring when laid flat, and an inner skirt to keep mechanicals out of sight. Four independently moving panels offer a variety of movement for a personalized sleep experience and maximum comfort. The new design features “slits” in between each of the foundations panels ensuring that any adjustable mattress will better conform to the base and remain wrinkle-free as its position is adjusted to change the elevation of the head and shoulders, mid-section, legs and feet.

Continuing to create a more convenient bedroom environment, Reverie will also introduce new features to two of its popular accessories. Reverie Remote Stands, which are used to secure remote controls for the 5D and 7S bases, will now be offered with a USB outlet to allow for the easy charging of mobile devices, along with two traditional power outlets for charging other electronics close to the bedside.

“We went directly to the source and conducted focus groups to find out where power outlets would be most useful near the bed,” said Marketing Director Lisa Tan.” I think retailers will appreciate how closely we listen to and address what is on the wish-list for consumers, and the wow-factor this accessory can provide in a showroom.”

The Made for Mobile Module, designed to offer consumers wireless connectivity to their adjustable base through integrated Bluetooth technology, was updated to include a built-in nightlight to keep users from stumbling in the night and reduce the disruption for partners still in bed asleep. Users can turn the night light on and off using their wireless remote control or their remote app.

“Our user-friendly accessories are designed to enhance the experience of sleeping on a Reverie adjustable base,” said Tan, “making it even more convenient and comfortable for consumers. We believe these updates provide real value for our private label and retail partners who can offer a product that multi-tasks and has mass appeal.”