Reverie Unveils High-Tech Adjustable Base

One of the largest global manufacturers of adjustable bases, Silver Creek, NY-based Reverie is catering to today’s wired lifestyle by transforming the bed into a mobile hotspot with its high-tech 7S (Supreme) featuring integrated “Made for Mobile” technology. Unveiling at the Las Vegas Market, the base is supported by the industry’s first remote app for tablets and smart phones available through Apple iTunes and Google Play.

With a remote app, mobile module and built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technologies, the 7S introduces consumers to the concept of “bedroom automation.” The patent protected remote app is compatible with any mobile device and enables wireless control of the Reverie base as well as other devices, such as televisions and lamps, plugged-in to the company’s Remote Frequency Outlet adaptors.

“We are actively responding to today’s tech-focused culture by re-inventing the next generation of adjustable bases. The 7S’ capabilities make it more convenient and comfortable for consumers to operate on their 24/7 life and work cycles. We’re turning the bed into the ‘house hotspot,’ literally and figuratively,” said Reverie President and CEO, Martin Rawls-Meehan. “We believe our investment in this innovation will provide real value to our private label and retail partners who will be able to offer a product that’s ahead of the curve and even upgradable as technology continues to advance.”

Available for $1,700 in queen the 7S is a standout for its new aesthetic that creates a chic, urban look with a dual outer base frame with a proprietary patent pending “deck-on-deck” design eliminating the gaps and safety issues associated with traditional “deck-on-deck” adjustable beds. The look is completed with the selection of five neutral side panel upholstery options, adding a customizable element for the consumer looking to find a base the blends nicely into their bedroom décor. Masking the base’s mechanism, the lower deck provides an inner skirt backing that covers the steel under the bed when elevated. For additional customization, the four legs of the base are easily adjustable with 3.5-inch, 5-inch and 8.5-inch all-in-one height options.

“The look of the Reverie 7S really turns a highly functional bed into a beautiful piece of furniture. We took the time to develop the aesthetic with input directly from our retailers to determine the preferred look for their showroom floors. Combining our talented in-house designers with feedback from our customers on everything from the deck-on-deck design to the upholstery colors, we’ve created a stand-out product that is the epitome of attainable luxury. The fact that we will be producing this base in the United States out of our own manufacturing facilities is even more exciting,” said Rawls-Meehan.

Functional benefits of the 7S include a lighter steel chassis with 30 percent more lift capacity than previous models, a whisper quiet lift system, adjustable headboard brackets and four corner retainer bars that keep mattresses perfectly contoured to the adjustable base.

As with Reverie’s 5D (Deluxe), the 7S will offer the company’s patented massage technology for improved circulation, pre-set memory positions including the popular “Anti-Snore” position which opens airways to alleviate snoring and sleep apnea and the “Zero Gravity” position which emulates weightlessness to eliminate strain and relieve pain from the body.