Reverie Unveils Bar-Free Adjustable Base Retainer System

Reverie is bringing a major innovation to the winter Las Vegas Market with the introduction of ProGrip, a retainer designed to hold mattresses in place without the bars that many consumers say remind them of hospital beds. The patent-pending ProGrip is designed to work with any adjustable-friendly mattress in the market and hold it into place during head or foot elevation.

Traditionally a retainer bar—or bracket—is bolted to the foot of an adjustable bed base to keep the mattress from sliding around when getting in and out of the bed. Reverie’s new ProGrip is made of a proprietary material that “grips” the mattress to keep everything securely in place while eliminating the industrial or hospital look often associated with adjustable bed bases. As with Revere’s corner retainer bars, ProGrip technology ensures lumbar support.

“From the showroom to the bedroom, traditional retainers tend to make even the most stylish adjustable foundation look a bit industrial. We challenged our R & D team to create a new accessory that eliminates this problem without sacrificing functionality,” said Reverie President and CEO Martin Rawls-Meehan. “We’re proud to be the first to offer a highend retainer that allows consumers to seamlessly integrate their adjustable bed base into their bedroom furniture and actually enhance their décor.”

Moving forward, ProGrip will be a standard feature in Reverie adjustable bed foundations starting with the Reverie 5D and up. Retainer bars will still be included in every package for customers that want to use them. Reverie will send retailers an easy-to-use kit to make their current floor models bar-free and ready for display.