Reverie To Showcase Diverse Product Line-Up In Expanded Showroom

Reverie is expanding its presence at the Summer Las Vegas Market by taking over a second showroom, increasing its total footprint to 7,500 square feet. The additional showroom will provide much-needed space to accommodate the company’s growing portfolio of adjustable foundations, mattress and sleep essentials.

Maintaining its existing Las Vegas Market showroom, Reverie will spread its growing lineup of products across two spaces that are conveniently located across the hall from one another. The addition of the new showroom falls in line with the company’s long-term goal of building a truly interactive space for clients and potential customers to experience the Reverie products in a comfortable, relaxing environment. Future plans call for a recovery lounge equipped with Wi-Fi and refreshments for guests, private meeting space and additional room to support marketing and other programming.

“We are looking forward to having the extra elbow room at Las Vegas Market,” said Martin Rawls-Meehan, president and CEO of Reverie. “We’ve been expanding the Reverie brand into a variety of sleep categories including pillows, sheets and motion bases. Our growing product base warrants a larger, easier-to-navigate environment for our customers to experience the breadth of functionality Reverie is known for.”

Reverie will have a broad selection of introductions at the summer market. In addition to its new Dream Top Mattress, the company will also spotlight a new hybrid mattress lineup and a responsive app that makes the company’s adjustable foundations highly programmable and more responsive.

The Refreshed Dream Line Collection

Reverie will unveiling its updated Dream Line mattress collection at market, introducing new hybrid options that combine its exclusive DreamCell technology with latex and memory foam. The refreshed collection consists of six hybrid mattress models that are customized at the time of purchase, delivering a truly individualized sleep surface for the consumer.

“We’re very excited about the Dream Line. With the hybrid category being one of the hottest segments in the bedding industry, we feel the combination of our DreamCell system with memory foam is a fabulous addition to the field,” said Martin Rawls-Meehan, president and CEO of Reverie.

Designed with input from Reverie’s retail partners, the beds are crafted with the company’s popular DreamCell support system. Priced to retail from $1,499 to $3,499 for a queen, the higher-end designs allow consumers to unzip the cover and reconfigure the cells as their comfort-needs evolve.

“Our hybrid beds offer more options to retailers while remaining true to our core story of customization,” Rawls-Meehan continued. “We’re putting our retail partners in a position to merchandise our product because of the popular memory foam appeal and sharp pricing, combined with our patented technology. Not only does our unique construction reduce motion transfer, the customization option of the Dream Line reduces return rates for retailers.

In addition to the exclusive DreamCell technology, Reverie has added a layer of memory foam to four of the mattresses for consumers who prefer the feel of memory foam. This unique hybrid design is a valuable solution for the common stigma that memory foam sleeps hot.

“We’ve overcome that objection on the sales floor for retail sales associates,” Rawls-Meehan said. “Consumers are demanding a more temperature-neutral sleep, and these beds deliver with our DreamCells underneath for support and greater air flow for a more temperate night’s sleep.”

The Nighstand App

Boosting its position at the top of the bedding technology ladder, Reverie is unveiling a new app at the summer Las Vegas Market. The Nightstand app gives users the ability to set and save routines as well as adjust each side of the bed independently of one another --all from the convenience of their smartphone.

“Today’s consumers crave a restful night’s sleep and Nightstand can help deliver it,” said Rawls-Meehan. “Nighttime routines are key to a solid night’s sleep and Nightstand is an easy-to-use solution to help consumers follow a consistent bedtime schedule that works for them.”

The new app allows users to set relaxing routines prior to sleep to help ensure a solid night’s rest. For example, if a consumer likes to relax in zero gravity with massage for 15 minutes and then recline to a flat position for sleep, Nightstand will remember those preferences and with a simple touch of a button. The same functionality allows users to set wake routines, too. Prefer a morning massage? Program it through the app for a gentle wake up. The dual-side functionality can help quiet a snoring partner by allowing one to activate the anti-snore position from a smartphone. Nightstand is compatible with all Reverie beds sold after 2012, which are equipped with Bluetooth.

In addition to bringing simplicity and restful routines into the sleep experience, Nightstand offers easy-to-use enhanced graphics and an intuitive interface. The app also tracks errors for quick problem-solving from the Reverie customer service team.

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