Reverie Redirects Supply Chain To Manufacture PPE

Over the last six weeks, Reverie has redirected its supply chain to manufacture protective face masks as the company saw the need for basic PPE to protect healthcare workers on the front lines of COVID-19. To date, Reverie has also donated over 100,000 masks to the healthcare industry as well as other essential workers.

As the country begins planning for what the world looks like post-shelter at home, Reverie will continue to manufacture and donate protective masks to workers considered essential as well as to its own team to get the economy back up and running. The brand will also provide PPE to factory workers and retail sales associates in the furniture and footwear industries.

The washable masks are made with 3-ply cotton and an anti-microbial treatment. They are not intended for medical use, but they do meet current FDA Emergency Use Authorization guidelines for use when FDA cleared masks are not available.

Reverie has also launched a useful new playlist on its Youtube channel—Reverie Support Hacks, if retailers and customers need support with Reverie products.