Reverie Introduces New Adjustable Sweet Slumber Pillow

Reverie Adjustable Sweet Slumber PillowReverie is expanding its top-of-bed offerings with the introduction of the new Sweet Slumber Adjustable Pillow at the upcoming Winter Las Vegas Market. This new offering in the company’s Sweet Slumber Collection allows users to adjust the fill as soft, medium or firm, creating a customizable bed accessory for a personalized sleeping situation.

“As a leader in customizable products, it seemed only natural to introduce an adjustable pillow,” said Reverie President and CEO Martin Rawls-Meehan. “With the popularity of latex, we are excited to expand our Sleep Slumber Pillow Collection.”

Designed with adjustability in mind, the all-in-one pillow comes with two easily identified inserts filled with shredded DreamCell natural latex and retails for $99. The inserts are color-coded to match Reverie’s DreamCell foam spring colors, indicating soft and medium firmness. Either insert can be placed inside the washable, brushed micro- fiber pillow casing—or combined to create a firm filling. The hypo-allergenic, dust mite resistant and durable pillow offers consumers the softness of down, the loft of microfiber and the core support of natural latex in one pillow. This unique construction allows for better airflow than traditional materials, providing a cool night’s sleep.

“We wanted to create a pillow that catered to anyone and everyone,” Rawls-Meehan explained, “whether they prefer a pillow that is soft, medium or firm—the Sweet Slumber Adjustable Pillow is perfect for them. Much like our mattress selection, the unique pillow gives buyers premium and customized comfort and versatility at a value-add price point.”

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