Reverie Expands Adjustable Sales Opportunities With Two New Bases

Reverie is heading to the Winter Las Vegas Market with two innovative adjustable base solutions. For retailers looking to capture the market of consumers who are new to the adjustable base segment, the company has developed a low-profile base option designed to work with existing home furnishings styles. For retailers looking to deliver a new level of adjustability, Reverie’s new Dual Tilt base offers unique tilt functionality that supports better health and restorative sleep.

Designed as a premium foundation add-on, Reverie’s low-profile base gives consumers the option of switching to an adjustable base without abandoning their existing bedroom set. Available in twin XL and queen sizes, the new base works with the company’s 3E Tech Adjustable Foundation and 4M Adjustable Foundation—with the pricing upgrade beginning at $50.

“There are a lot of people who don’t use adjustable bases because the designs just won’t work with the bed they already have,” said Martin Rawls-Meehan, president and CEO of Reverie. “Our low-profile base integrates seamlessly into existing beds. We’ve been monitoring home furnishings design trends, and we’re getting more and more requests from our dealers for a product like this. This is a great option for consumers who want to sleep on an adjustable base but don’t want to give up their bedroom suite.”

For retailers aiming to offer more advanced adjustable offerings, Reverie’s new Dual Tilt base is priced to retail at $1,999 in a queen. This unique offering allows users to adjust the plane of their body—tilting the bed so that either their head or feet are elevated. The benefits of Dual Tilt include optimized blood flow as feet are elevated to allow for blood flow to the heart. The base also delivers True

Zero Gravity, a lounge position ideal for reading, working and television viewing. Dressed in an upscale charcoal gray fabric, the Dual Tilt Base shares the same cutting-edge electronics package as the Reverie 9T, including wireless OLED remote, Bluetooth control, tapered wood 3-in-1 legs, ProGrip retention system and under-the-bed nightlight.

“This is a premium product that is designed with a serious look into the future,” said John Wanat, national sales director at Reverie. “With the tilt of the True Zero Gravity, people achieve ideal ergonomics for health and comfort.”