Reverie Enters Accessories Segment With Unique New Products

Reverie is entering into the accessories segment with the introduction of the Sweet Slumber latex pillow collection, alongside its new ELATION surround system. These unique new products will both be unveiled at the Summer Las Vegas Market.

Sweet Slumber Collection

The new Sweet Slumber Pillow collection consists of two SKUs (firm and plush), both of which are universal for all sleep positions. The shredded latex core is hypo-allergenic, dust mite resistant and durable, offering better airflow and a cooler night’s sleep. The pillows also use an ultra-soft, washable cover for added comfort and convenience.

Designed for consumers who like the feel of a pillow that conforms to head and shoulders in any position, the Sweet Slumber collection is a solution for the many complaints associated with down filled top-of-bed-products such as allergies, the continuous need to fluff, and usually hefty price.

“Down has consistently been synonymous with luxury and, in turn, high price points. We are excited to introduce a product lineup that is not only affordable but eliminates the negatives associated with down while maintaining all the positives of the material,” said Reverie President and CEO Martin Rawls- Meehan. “Our Sweet Slumber pillows act as a great accessory to our DreamCell mattresses. The competitive pricing and the fact that these pillows use latex, which is becoming more and more popular, in its core are all great selling points and we are confident will increase sales tickets.”

The suggested retail price for the Sweet Slumber collection is $79.

ELATION Surround Sound System

As part of Reverie’s push to always be at the edge of innovation in the industry, the company is introducing its new ELATION four-speaker plus subwoofer surround-sound system.

Each of the four speakers attaches to the foundation legs with a universal mount that can be easily attached to the legs of an adjustable base or standard foundation to achieve surround sound for any bed, while the subwoofer is specially designed to sit underneath most beds. The mounts eliminate the need for holes in the walls and can be easily disguised so as not to interfere with the bedroom décor.

The system features Bluetooth 3.0 technology, allowing consumers to experience high-quality sound streamed wirelessly from their iPhone, iPad, or other smart device from the comfort of their beds. Reverie brought in tuning experts to tune the speakers’ acoustics and optimize the sound coming from underneath a bed. Reverie’s unique design is optimized to rest under the beds and provide the best sound experience to users on top of the bed.

“The surround sound speaker system we developed was such a big hit at the last Las Vegas Market we decided to refine it and give retailers the option to sell the system as an accessory item, allowing them to grow their tickets sales. It also gives consumers a chance to upgrade easily by just attaching the speakers rather than having to buy a whole new foundation,” said Rawls-Meehan. “We are constantly pushing the boundaries of what we can do to enhance the bedroom experience. First, we created the technology and then figured out how to integrate it into our bed design and now we have created an easy way to offer the technology for every foundation on the market, giving the opportunity for greater up-sells for our retail partners.”

Suggested retail price for the ELATION surround sound system is $400.