Reverie Delivers Powerful Solutions

Reverie is hitting the ground running in 2019. In addition to showcasing its revamped line of power bases at CES and the winter Las Vegas Market, and hosting its own Spark Innovation summit, the company will be adding roughly 1,000 new doors through major retail partners this year. With a new marketing campaign, training program and product line-up debuting at market, Reverie is not only reinforcing its focus on the adjustable power base—it’s cementing its leadership in the category.

As part of its 2019 debuts, the company will introduce its “Why Reverie” marketing campaign. It builds upon last year’s “Ask For Reverie” campaign, which focused on driving retail traffic and transforming consumer curiosity in the adjustable category into a greater brand awareness. Aimed at communicating the essential value of its full power base program, the campaign underscores key attributes that set the company apart from the competition.

“When we talk about ‘Why Reverie’ to our partners, it’s really about working to develop meaningful partnerships,” says Lisa Tan, Reverie’s chief marketing officer.

In order to do that, Reverie has cultivated a comprehensive power base line-up that works for many different types of retail partners. In addition to operating its own factories in the US, the company is heavily involved in the design, engineering and production processes in its facilities in Asia as well. This not only ensures greater quality control, but also the flexibility needed to move efficiently from concept to production—creating products that bring tangible benefits to both the retailer and consumer.

“First and foremost, [we focus] on design and engineering from a value standpoint,” Tan explains. “We are known as a company that designs products to be high quality and also the best value. We want to make sure that our offerings at a certain price point are better than any other product out there.”

While Reverie has previously focused on the premium category, it recently revamped its collection to include power bases at every price point—with promotional models starting at just $499. In addition to creating a clearer sense of continuity, the new entry-level options serve as a “foot in the door” for new adjustable base customers, Tan says. That is why the company has been thoughtful about their functions and features; if a new customer has a bad experience with a low-cost base, they are less likely to upgrade to a higher-end model.

While value is a major consideration when developing new products, Reverie’s design and engineering is also driven by a desire to elevate the category. “We want to set the standard by delivering functions that actually matter, that others don’t have—or delivering similar functions in a better way,” Tan continues. “We want it to add value and we want it to offer innovation that can be built upon.”

At the premium level, the company’s new R600 demonstrates this mindset. This high-end power base delivers superior pressure relief by offering true zero gravity, inversion and lounge positions—along with the company’s proprietary 3D Wave massage technology. Across all price points, Reverie’s portfolio is replete with meaningful features and functions designed to facilitate good sleep hygiene. This includes a head tilt feature that has been proven to open up nasal passageways and improve disordered breathing, and a graded scale of lumbar elevation that provides personalized support to the lower back.

“We think health-first versus lifestyle convenience first,” Tan explains. “We want the technology and the programming associated with it to enable better sleep and the end users’ awareness of the power of sleep. It’s not just about the product, it’s also about your understanding of how to use the product. We want people to think about this as a tool for better health.”

Understanding that this conversation begins on the retail floor, Reverie is rolling out a new training program aimed at educating RSAs about the benefits of adjustable power bases. “If you don’t show it, you don’t sell it— but if you don’t know it, you don’t show it,” says Deena Gardner, director of marketing. “It’s so important to really empower sales associates with knowledge of the value of a power base and get them comfortable with selling it.”

The company’s trainers start the process in-store, providing RSAs with proven steps that have been successful with long-standing retail partners. From there, the program is supplemented and reinforced through digital resources available on the Reverie Partner Network. First introduced as a hub for marketing collateral, the Partner Network now also provides retailers access short bursts of engaging and informative content.

“There are several ingredients that make for a great training program,” Tan explains. “One is having great content. One is having great delivery. And one is having consistency and presence. We want to be part of the conversation every day. Being able to reinforce the program in small digestible bites after the fact is critical.”

Reverie is driving power bases in new and exciting directions by thinking holistically. With awareness and interest on the rise, the company is equipping its retail partners with the quality products and know-how they need to reap the sales benefits.