Reverie Connects Adjustable Bases To Smart Home Devices With Voice Activation

Reverie, a sleep technology manufacturer, is adding a voice activation feature to its product line that will allow hands-free operation of its adjustable power bases through Google Assistant or Amazon Echo devices.  With the ability to receive up to nine voice direct commands, the Reverie Connect platform will enable users to activate the base to various positions and pre-sets including zero gravity and flat, without lifting a finger.

“As households continue to add smart home technology at a rapid pace, we continue to be the leading authority for technology in the bedroom for a better sleep environment,” said Martin Rawls-Meehan, president and chief executive officer of Reverie. “Not only does Reverie Connect enable the consumer to adjust the power base with direct voice commands, owners of Google Home devices could integrate their base with their whole bedtime routine and initiate the entire process with a set of commands.”

Rawls-Meehan said Reverie is the first adjustable base manufacturer to partner with Google on voice activation technology by using Google’s “Smart Action” commands, which streamlines the voice activation process. For example, a user could say “Hey Google, set bed position to zero gravity”; or, “Hey Google, set bed position to anti-snore”. Programming allows consumers to define up to three custom memory positions that can also be selected with voice activation.

Future updates will allow for the incorporation of sleep tracking data and will provide tips to assist consumers in getting a better night’s sleep.

Reverie Connect is an add-on feature that will be available on all Bluetooth-compatible power bases in the company’s 2019 product lineup. The technology can also be added to older models that already have Bluetooth capability.

The platform made its debut at the recent CES 2019 technology show in Las Vegas and will be shown at the  upcoming winter Las Vegas Market.


About Reverie: Located in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan, and founded in 2003, Reverie is a revolutionary sleep technology company dedicated to helping people sleep better so they can live better lives. Rooted in its mastery of sleep science, Reverie believes everybody is unique and needs customized sleep solutions that fit their individual needs. As a result, the company has become known for its patented Dream Cell foam springs which may be easily reconfigured to adjust firmness levels. Combined with its award-winning adjustable bases, Reverie is dedicated to providing the most comfortable sleep possible. Reverie’s newest offering, Sleep Coach™, provides consumers personalized sleep consultations—taking its mission of helping people get a better night’s sleep further than ever before.