Reverie Adds Technology to Expandable Adjustable Base Options

Reverie 8 Series Reverie introduces technologically advanced 8 Series adjustable base collection. The innovative company’s latest adjustable collection features state-of-the art technology upgrades and modern conveniences.

The 8 Series boasts an independent head tilt feature, for added comfort and support, as well as a proprietary Bluetooth enabled four speaker surround sound system that allows consumers to experience high-quality sound streamed wirelessly from their smart devices. The easy to use remote and USB docking station make for efficient use.

“The 8 Series’ capabilities make it incredibly efficient and considerate of consumer’s fast-paced lives. The modern conveniences and functionality of the bed’s features allow you to remain connected and productive if desired—even when in bed. We integrated new technology into our design in such a way that it actually works together to create the ultimate value add,” said Reverie President and CEO Martin Rawls-Meehan.

The 8 Series has a clean, modern look that’s consistent with Reverie’s established aesthetic. The base features a dual outer base frame and Reverie’s proprietary patent pending “dual motion deck-on-deck” design that prevents the potential safety issues often associated traditional adjustable “deck-on-deck” beds. The foundations are available in a Reverie’s grey fabric, with all technology and speaker features concealed within the side panel upholstery.

Moreover, the lower deck provides further masking with an inner skirt backing that covers the visible steel under the bed when it is elevated. The modern pieces are customizable within their color scheme, while the adjustable legs on the base allow consumers to raise or lower the legs from three and a half to five and eight inches in height, to better suit their needs.

“The head tilt adjustability further benefits the consumer, giving them the opportunity to find their perfect position for maximum comfort. We listened very closely to the input and opinions of our consumers, working to develop and produce an aesthetically-pleasing product that integrates modern technology and accessibility,” Rawls-Meehan added.

The 8 Series will offer the company’s patented massage technology for improved circulation, pre-set memory positions including the “Zero Gravity” position, eliminating strain and relieving pain through simulated weightlessness, and an “Anti-Snore” position, beneficial for alleviating suffers of sleep apnea and snoring.