Retailers Offer Advanced Customization with the Pillow Bar

Pillow BarConsumers now have an opportunity to customize their pillow products with The Pillow Bar, a free-standing mechanized “bar” that allows retail stores to custom fill, monogram and scent pillows to their customers own personal firmness. Conceived in Dallas, Texas, The Pillow Bar growing rapidly, boasting ten retail units in operation as well as 80 retail outlets for ready-made products.

Oklahoma City’s Bob Mills Furniture Sleep Spas has installed six units in the past six months, proving the concept not only viable but very profitable. The Pillow Bar has allowed mattress stores to offer consumers “retail theater” to actively engage them in the buying process.

Consumers seeking custom made comfort benefit from the opportunity to participate in the making of their own personalized down filled sleeping pillow that is matched to their specific sleep style. The Pillow Bar philosophy is simple: it does not sell pillows by the traditional “soft, medium and hard” but by matching the firmness of the pillow to the way a per- son sleeps: “front, back or side sleeper.” This match has been perfected by collaborating with chiropractors and neurosurgeons. Chiropractor Dr. Mary Collings designed a specific “side-sleeper” pillow that is intended to meet the specific needs of the 80 percent of American’s who sleep on their side. It is a unique 45” boomerang shape that helps side sleepers alleviate neck and shoulder discomfort.

Customers can choose from various pillow sizes and shapes, oversee the filling of the pillow to their own standard of firmness, personalize the pillow with an embroidered monogram and scent it with a French lavender sachet. The entire process takes less than 10 minutes. In addition to offering customers the unique experience and immediate gratification of customizing their own down filled pillow, they will enjoy the recognized luxury of 650-fill power Hungarian goose down and luxurious 300-thread count cotton sateen fabric. “This is a unique opportunity for our customers to participate in the customization of their own sleeping pillow,” says company founder Merrimac Dillon. “For personal comfort, or as a thoughtful and unique gift for friends and family it has been an instant hit.”