REM-Fit’s New ZEEQ Smart Pillow Fast Tracks Towards Success

Making its market debut at the 2017 Consumer Electronics Show (CES), REM-Fit’s ZEEQ Smart Pillow garnered a CES Innovation Honor and considerable media attention. Featured in multiple Best of CES publications and spotlighted in a variety of consumer publications, ZEEQ continues to garner press and sales as well.

“We designed a pillow we would really want as consumers ourselves,” explained Miguel Marrero, Director of Technology De­velopment, “so we naturally expected some popularity. But, I think many people are realiz­ing how important sleep actually is and that’s driving much more awareness.”

ZEEQ was first conceived when co-inven­tor Warrick Bell placed a pair of ear buds into his pillow to prevent his wife from hearing his pre-sleep music. He shared the concept with Marrero and the two worked together to push development into sleep tracking and beyond, eventually producing a series of prototypes that enabled them to demo the concept. The duo then took what—for the bedding industry—was an unconventional approach to market: the team launched the smart pillow on Kickstarter.

“ZEEQ is a first of its kind product; launch­ing on Kickstarter was our first choice. It al­lowed us to ensure there was a market for the product before investing heavily in devel­opment,” remarked Bell. After launching on Kickstarter, the smart pillow reached its fund­ing goal—in a mere 16 hours it went on to secure over $400,000 in backing which was 801% of the initial funding goal.

Rolling out the smart pillow on Kickstart­er proved successful and came with added benefits. “Working with the ZEEQ backers provided a sound board that helped us focus on which features and functionalities users really want. This added immense value not only for us as developers, but for ever person who owns a ZEEQ,” says Bell.

The team recently released an integration with Amazon’s Alexa that allows ZEEQ users to get sleep performance data just by asking Alexa. This is among a list of future develop­ments that will continually increase the smart pillow’s offerings.

“Our goal is to make ZEEQ a bedroom essential that improves users’ lives through sleep,” continued Marrero. “There’s no end to the capabilities we can add.”