REM-Fit Debuts REST Collection Hybrid Adjustable Pillows

Protect-A-Bed is further expanding its REM-Fit active lifestyle brand with new hybrid additions to its REM-Fit REST Collection, offering advanced performance and custom comfort.

The REM-Fit REST Collection is part of the existing REM-Fit Collection and features three types of adjustable pillows: Micro Fiber Fill (200 Series), Memory Foam (300 Series) and Gel Top Memory Foam (400 Series).

The three hybrid adjustable pillows feature innovative technologies that regulate body temperature during sleep, increase hot and cool air transfer, wick away moisture, and protect against allergens and dust mites. The pillows adjust to the preferred sleeping style, including back, side or stomach, by simply removing or adding the soft micro-fill core or the Support Cluster inner filling. The result is a personalized bedding solution that promotes healthy sleep with the right balance of comfort and support.

The REM-Fit REST Collection’s Hybrid adjustable pillows are available in the 200, 300 and 400 Series and retail for prices ranging from $119 to $159.