PureCare Unveils Innovative New Pillows And Protectors

PureCare is unveiling new pillows and mattress protectors at the Summer Las Vegas Market, rounding out a complete program of soft goods focused on temperature control aimed at helping specialty mattress and furniture retailers capture more consumer sales. The company will debut two new exclusive technical textiles at market: TempSync Temp Control Thermoregulating fibers in the new TempSync pillow collection, and Heatstar insulating warming fibers in the new ReversaTemp reversible protectors.

“Today, our customers have their choice in temperature control through a range of cooling, heating and thermoregulating soft goods,” said Sean Bergman, CMO at PureCare. “But before the added benefit of the technical textile, they are incredibly comfortable products with diverse materials and constructions that fit a wide range of sleepers. In the end, that’s what sells a pillow; but these technical textiles provide additional benefits that delight consumers and make them excited to purchase their mattress protector or pillow. The reality is that specialty retailers are interacting with consumers in a way that allows them to highlight these additional features during their sales presentation, and to instill that additional value over a traditional pillow purchased in a big box store. This is what is driving our retailers’ increase in attachment rate in soft goods and we are offering them more of what they are asking for.”

The new TempSync line includes five different pillow choices that feature phase change technology and a range of constructions and comforts. PureCare’s exclusive TempSync fibers are powered by paraffin wax infused pockets that help the body maintain a consistent and comfortable temperature throughout the night. The paraffin pockets change from liquid to solid to absorb excess body heat, then solidify to release heat when the body cools off. By aiding the body’s natural thermoregulation process, TempSync delivers a more restful sleep with fewer interruptions from temperature spikes. For added comfort, the pillows are encased in luxurious covers made from natural Lenzing Tencel fiber.

PureCare is also introducing ReversaTemp, a line of reversible mattress and pillow protectors that incorporate different technical textiles on each side to offer two distinct comfort properties. One side of the protector features FRíO rapid chill cooling fibers, while the other touts PureCare’s new, exclusive Heatstar technology that stores heat within the fibers to actively warm the sleeper. As a result, these dual-surface protectors offer consumers both heating and cooling features in one, convenient ensemble.

“The protector is so exciting because for a $30 retail step up from our FRíO 5-sided protector to ReveraTemp at $149, the customer is virtually getting two protectors in one,” Bergman explained. “Each side represents two totally different temperature adjusting experiences, and simpler customizing choices for the consumer. The effects never wash out, never stop working, and the effects are clearly discernible.”

Finally, PureCare is also adding to its patent-pending SoftCell pillow collection with the introduction of SoftCell Select: a new comfort option for enhanced neck support. All four of the original comfort options are now available with SoftCell Select, with each pillow featuring a total of five unique comfort zones. Ranging from $129 to $189 at retail, SoftCell Select models will be available in all PureCare pillow lines, including SUB-0°, Body Chemistry and TempSync.

“It is truly exciting to see consumer reaction to SoftCell, because it is a seriously comfortable pillow that can be dialed into your exact loft and comfort preferences,” said Bergman. “Now we have enhanced it with a simple, but super effective tweak in SoftCell Select by creating one long SoftCell on one side of the pillow and adding extra fill for firmness. It’s easy to demonstrate to the consumer and the comfort differences are diverse.”

Like every product in its portfolio, PureCare’s new pillow and protector offerings are designed to fulfill the company’s mission of delivering greater health and wellness. Combining high-quality technical textiles and trail-blazing product construction, PureCare remains dedicated to enhancing the sleep environment.

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