PureCare Unveils Body Chemistry Pillow Collection

PureCare is bringing a major introduction to the winter Las Vegas Market with the launch of its new Body Chemistry pillow collection. This new seven-pillow line offers a wide range of differing comforts and components—and features covers that are infused with Celliant fibers. PureCare is also adding new pillow options to their existing SUB-0° cooling pillow collection as well, expanding on the success of their popular patent-pending SoftCell pillow construction.

“The Body Chemistry pillow line is so exciting because it mirrors the overall chemistry at PureCare today,” explained Jeff Bergman, President and COO of PureCare. “It’s a beautiful collection with a powerful story, and its creation really highlights the planning, processes and execution that we engage in daily to create focused, retailer-centric programs that appeal to consumers and are easy to sell.”

The cover of the Body Chemistry pillows feature the unique mineral-based Celliant technical textile, which has been proven to help promote a better night’s sleep. Created by Hologenix, Celliant is clinically tested to increase blood flow, improve recovery time and help the body thermoregulate itself.

“The science behind Celliant is truly exciting and more and more people are beginning to understand how Celliant fibers promote increased blood flow in your body,” Jeff Bergman continued. “If our body temperature doesn’t spike up and down at night, we are more likely to get better sleep.”

Body Chemistry was designed to pair with the highly successful SUB-0° line, which was released last year as part of the company’s FRíO collection. Sharing the same comforts and components, Body Chemistry offers an additional recovery promoting option for those customers not looking for a cooling story. The company provides a range of different comfort feels and materials for both pillow collections, including latex, memory foam, gel and down pillow construction options.

“Body Chemistry is designed with your body in mind,” said Sean Bergman, PureCare Marketing Chief. “The pillows go way beyond the highlighted technical textiles. They have been designed with specific attention to detail when it comes to comfort levels and height of the pillow to provide optimal body alignment.”

Backed by extensive scientific testing, PureCare has long eschewed commodity or “me-too” products in the name of creating a comprehensive assortment of bedding accessories that support its health and wellness mission. This allows the company to offer a broad cross-section of products that work in concert with one another to deliver a particular set of benefits or solutions that are tailored to each customers’ specific needs.

“Between Body Chemistry and SUB-0°, we’ve created two pillow collections that perform perfectly together on the retail sales floor,” Sean Bergman continued. “We’re offering customers not only a vast selection of comforts levels, but also the choice of cooling or recovery technical textiles. There really should be a pillow for everyone. These technical textiles are truly driving the forefront of innovation in our industry.”

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